115 high school students in Gangwon-do enrolled

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Gangwon Physical Education Middle and High School Entrance Ceremony and Principal Appointment Ceremony were held on the 2nd at Gangwon Physical Education High School.

The event was attended by Kyun-beom Park, chairman of the school operation committee, and Min-gyu Kim, president of the alumni association, and In-beom Lee, director of physical education at the Provincial Office of Education, took office as the principal of Gangwon Weight High School. As freshmen, 33 middle school students (15 males and 18 females) and 82 high school students (57 males and 25 females) entered the school. It is expected that they will grow into competent youngsters under special middle and high schools, which are the foundation of Gangwon physical education.

In particular, the excellent freshmen of Gangwon Physical Education High School who entered this year include Kim Min-chan (fencing), Park Si-hwan and Park Seo-hyeon (weightlifting), and Park Si-eun (management). Kim Min-chan is currently participating in the ‘Asian Youth and Youth Fencing Championships’ as this year’s fencing saber youth representative. Park Si-hwan once won three gold medals in the weightlifting men’s middle school 73kg class at the 51st National Youth Sports Festival held last year. During his three-year junior high school years, he won 11 gold, 3, and 6 silver medals, including three gold medals at national competitions. Park Seo-hyun recorded two gold medals in the 51st National Boys’ Weightlifting Women’s Middle School 55kg class for impression and jerk. Park Si-eun is active as a candidate for the 2023 swimming (management) national team. 안전놀이터

Lee In-beom, principal of Gangwon Middle School and High School, gave a welcome speech on the day, saying, “I sincerely welcome the 115 new students who have entered Gangwon Physical Education Middle and High School as new families.” I ask for a cycle,” he said.

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