17-year-old ‘cheerful girl’ Kim Yoon-ji dreams of a Paralympic gold medal

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A promising star has emerged in the Korean Para sports. Let’s meet 17-year-old Kim Yun-ji, who wants to participate in both the Winter and Summer Paralympic Games and win a gold medal.

This is Reporter Lee Jeong-chan.


Yunji Kim set an amazing record last year when she was 16 years old.

He won 3 gold medals in Nordic skiing in the Para Winter Games and 3 gold medals in swimming in the Summer Games, winning the Winter and Summer Rookie of the Year awards for the first time ever.

He won the youngest MVP in this year’s Winter Sports Games with 4 gold medals.토토사이트

[Yunji Kim/Nordic Skiing National Team for the Disabled: Oh, my neck is broken. I’ve been to that broadcasting station for the first time, and it’s so big, high, and amazing.]

Kim Yun-ji, who has a lower body discomfort due to a congenital spinal cord disorder, discovered her talent in swimming, which she started at the age of 3 for rehabilitation. His skills grew exponentially enough to rise to the top.

He always has a bright personality and a positive mindset, so he never loses his smile at school or during training.

[Kim Yoon-ji/Disabled Nordic Skiing National Representative: I didn’t live thinking (especially) that I was disabled, but if my legs are uncomfortable, I solve it with my hands. I think I learned what I’m good at while working out (my confidence has also grown.)]

Yunji Kim’s goal is to compete in both the Winter and Summer Paralympic Games in the future and challenge for a gold medal.

He said that he likes the idol group ‘New Jeans’, who overcame the difficult preparation process as a same age and achieved their dreams the most,

[Yunji Kim/National Nordic Skiing Representative for the Disabled: A dream that I forget about my past days when I open my eyes. Hype boy, I only want you, Hype boy, I tell you.

] I am thinking of taking one step at a time towards my dream.

[Yunji Kim/National Paralympic Skiing Representative: I am working hard towards the Paralympic Games. I want to continue to develop and become a player who is curious about the future.]

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