‘Foreign composition complete’ NC recruits ‘top 155km’ widener… Total $743,000 

NC Dinos completed the composition of foreign players for the 2023 season by recruiting Taylor Widener. On the 31st, NC announced that “the recruitment of new foreign pitcher Taylor Widener was finalized and the composition of foreign players for the 2023 season was finalized. Taylor Widener is a right-handed overhand pitcher with a height of […]

“Fabinho murder tackle, it’s not the first time” PGMOL admits an unusual mistake

 England’s Professional Game Refereeing Organization (PGMOL) exceptionally admitted a mistake. Liverpool failed to advance to the round of 16 after losing 1-2 in the FA Cup 4th Round (Round of 32) of the 2022-2023 season against Brighton held at the Amex Stadium in Palmer, England on the 29th (Korean time). However, Fabinho’s rough tackle was on […]

An infield prospect who also challenged pitchers, donated 10 million won to the 2nd team and retired at the age of 28

Lotte Giants infielder Bae Seong-geun (28) announced his retirement.  On the 31st, the Lotte club announced that “Bae Seong-geun announced his retirement through a meeting with the club.”  Bae Seong-geun, who graduated from Ulsan Technical High School, was nominated with the 40th overall pick in the 2nd 4th round of the 2014 rookie draft and […]

Cho Han-jin, who is growing in ‘Carrot and Stick’, is not tagged as a promising prospect

 Reporter Moon Dae-hyeon = Goyang Carrot’s 6th year forward Cho Han-jin (26) is growing steadily. His performance is still fluctuating, but he is gradually getting away from being a ‘perennial prospect’ under coach Kim Seung-gi’s strong training. Cho Han-jin, who has been playing for only one team since joining Goyang Orion (predecessor Carrot) in 2018, has […]

One month of special training in Miami… Won Tae-in, Go Young-pyo, and So Hyeong-jun, how much have they changed?

Reporter Seo Jang-won = What kind of performances will Tae-in Won (Samsung Lions), Young-pyo Ko, and So-jun So (above KT Wiz) show this year, who conducted special training in Miami, USA throughout the winter. The three players, who are currently active as pitchers representing the KBO League, spent a meaningful time during their inactivity. Audrey Samer […]

The strongest batting line in the majors is San Diego, and Kim Ha-seong is expected to be first and second baseman

Ha-seong Kim’s San Diego was selected as the strongest batting line in the major leagues in the 2023 season. ESPN, an American sports media outlet, predicted the batting order of 30 major league teams ahead of the season opening. San Diego took first place. Kim Ha-seong was named as the first hitter at second base. It is […]

“I spent 267.9 billion won on Ronaldo, but he only knows how to ‘see you’” Al Nassar, general manager of Saudi Arabia, expresses his dissatisfaction with Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is being treated badly in Saudi Arabia. Ronaldo showed sluggish performance throughout the recent Saudi Arabia Super Cup match, such as missing a decisive scoring opportunity. In the end, he lost 1-3 to Ronaldo’s club, Al Al Ittihad. Then the voices of criticism are bursting everywhere. After the game, a video of some fans […]