‘Kim Hee-jin’s knee surgery → 1 year of rehabilitation’ IBK, the 23-24 season concept is also full of dark clouds

 Kim Hee-jin (32), the star of women’s professional volleyball at IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, undergoes surgery on her right knee and starts a long rehabilitation. IBK Industrial Bank said on the 27th, “Kim Hee-jin underwent meniscus surgery on her right knee today. Her rehabilitation is expected to take about a year.” Kim Hee-jin suffered […]

Sensibility and rationality

<The 9th Report> (79-87) = This time, it is Ding Hao’s impressions of the battle. “It is burdensome because it is my first opportunity to win the world championship, but it is not my style to compete with the mindset that I must win. I will get out of the confines of ‘I’ and take a spectator’s […]

Black 失着

The 8th Report> (73~78) = Prior to the finals, when this magazine asked about his impressions of the fight, Yang Dingxin replied as follows. “Go is a sport that only world champions remember. I really want to win. I think I’ve been playing good Go on the international stage lately. Don’t worry about accumulating rich experience. I want to make […]

Emergency landing at an airport near LA in bad weather… KIA athletes, ’40 minutes of fear’ in the US sky

 The KIA Tigers players spent a fearful time in the sky of the United States.  KIA completed its first 24-day spring camp from the 1st at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona. It was scheduled to depart from Phoenix Airport on the 25th, Korean time, and arrive at Incheon Airport via Los Angeles International Airport. In […]

Lee Dong-geun, a freshman at Korea University, has a simple dream, a player the team needs

 “I want to do my best in my current role, receive many opportunities, receive the coach’s trust, and become the player the team needs.” Korea University is refining its organizational skills through practice matches in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do. Korea University coach Hee-Jung Joo announced that he would play forward basketball. At the center is freshman Lee Dong-geun (199cm, […]