“A sure option” Completely erased the reversal crisis… The national hitter fell in love with the 19-year-old setup man again

 “I hope it will be a clear option”. Doosan Bears young gun Lee Byung-hun (19) responded immediately to the command tower’s order. Appeared in a reversal crisis and lightly deleted two outcounts. He showed a strong heart not befitting a 19-year-old.  On the 18th, in the match against KIA Tigers held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field, Lee […]

The only goal is to plant ‘SK Dynasty DNA’ in Hanwha, Woo-ram Jung, who became the ‘captain eagle’

Hanwha Jung Woo-ram (38) risked everything to plant his DNA in Hanwha during the SK (now SSG) dynasty. Jung Woo-ram is Korea’s representative closer with 197 saves. If he only adds 3 saves, he becomes the long-awaited 200 save pitcher. However, Jung Woo-ram is not interested in save records. Rather than his own record, he aims to […]

Mexico, ‘first win momentum’ New victory by 1 point… If Canada catches ‘Vankle’s bad luck’, it will be in the quarterfinals

Mexico saved the possibility of advancing to the second round. On the 15th (Korean time), Mexico won 2-1 against Great Britain in the first round of Group C of the 2023 World Baseball Classic held at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Depending on the results of the game on the 16th, Mexico’s advance to the […]

The last fighting spirit he devoted his shoulder to in the Korea-Japan match… Kim Gwang-hyeon, who knew the weight of the Taegeuk mark better than anyone else 

Kim Gwang-hyun, who served as the ace of the Korean baseball team for the past 15 years, returned the Taegeuk mark. Kim Gwang-hyun announced his retirement on the 14th through his social network service (SNS). His most eye-catching content was the line, “It was a dream and pride to be a national representative. From the 2005 […]