’80 billion + 4 times annual salary? We can give it too’…A new super-wealthy club emerges as Manchester United’s rival over Kim Min-jae’s recruitment

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Newcastle United have emerged as Manchester United rivals. They are going to compete with Kim Min-jae.

England’s ‘The Hard Tackle’ said on the 17th (Korean time), “Man United will pay a buyout of 56 million euros (approximately 81.1 billion won) to recruit Kim Min-jae. There is no hesitation. Kim Min-jae is the best center back in Italy’s Serie A. Harry Maguire’s future is uncertain and Viktor Lindelof may leave to play as a regular at Manchester United centre-back. Raphael Varane has suffered from constant fitness problems.”

Manchester United are serious about signing Kim Min-jae. Until he left Fenerbahce and came to Naples, Kim Min-jae was not well known in Europe. From the beginning of the season, Kim Min-jae, who earned the trust of manager Luciano Spalletti and played as a starting pitcher, took charge of Napoli’s rear. He was called the Iron Pillar of Naples and showed overwhelming defensive power.

He has been nominated for Serie A Team of the Year and is also a favorite for Defender of the Year. As long as there are no surprises, the award is certain. His record is overwhelming. According to ‘Squawka’, a soccer statistics media, Kim Min-jae recorded the most ball touches, the most passes in the opponent’s camp, and the most aerial contests. ‘Squawka’ is a nickname that fits Minjae Kim’s ‘monster’.

Reporter Fabricio Romano, known as an expert in the European transfer market and active in the UK’s ‘Guardian’, discussed Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Manchester United on his personal YouTube channel. “As we have said many times, Manchester United sent scouts to watch Min-jae Kim from November to December. Manchester United are clearly interested in Min-jae Kim and consider him a very talented player. United are negotiating with Min-jae Kim. are doing,” he said.

He even made a huge offer. Italy’s Il Martino said, “The English Premier League (EPL) is a different world. Not only Naples, but the entire Italian Serie A cannot compete with the EPL’s capital. (Approximately 13 billion won). I wouldn’t be surprised if Kim Min-jae accepts the offer.”토스카지노

Newcastle appeared in the midst of man utd actively scouting. Newcastle was a team that was in the relegation zone until recently, but after Saudi Arabia’s capital came in and manager Eddie Howe took over, it became a different team. With massive investment and full support combined, it has leaped into a team that threatens the Big 6 of the English Premier League (EPL). I plan to open my wallet this summer as well, but I targeted Kim Min-jae.

As much as Man United paid, it becomes the ability to invest in Kim Min-jae. Reporter Romano and Newcastle also admitted that they are keeping an eye on Kim Min-jae. ‘The Hard Tackle’ said, “Newcastle is also looking for Kim Min-jae. Newcastle is ready to part with Jamal Lascellers. They want to let him go and recruit Kim Min-jae. Newcastle is financially sound. They can pay Kim Min-jae buyout.” reported that

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jae is known to have refused to re-contract with Napoli. Now, Kim Min-jae has to choose his next destination. ‘The Hard Tackle’ said, “It depends on Kim Min-jae’s choice whether to go to Manchester United or Newcastle.”

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