9 years → 4 days ‘my sister is back’ Park Eun-seon scored 2 consecutive goals against Zambia, Korea 2-0 lead 

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 My sister is back. ‘Eldest sister’ Park Eun-seon, who had tasted the goal after 9 years, shook Zambia’s net once again.

The Korean women’s soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, is playing its second friendly match against Zambia at Yongin Myr Stadium on the 11th. The first half ended 2-0. Korea won 5-2 in the first game held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 7th.

Korea came out with a 5-3-2 formation. Park Eun-sun and Son Hwa-yeon led the attack with two tops. Cho So-hyun, Bae Ye-bin, and Lee Geum-min made up the waist. Jang Seul-gi, Kim Yun-ji, Hong Hye-ji, Kim Hye-ri, and Choo Hyo-joo were in charge of defense. The goal was guarded by Yoon Young-geul.토토사이트

The keyword for the second match was change. Coach Bell made a three-digit change in Game 2 compared to Game 1. Park Eun-sun, who exploded a comeback goal after 9 years since 2015, was put forward as a starter. Park Eun-sun was in charge of the vertical line at the forefront. Moving up and down, looking for an opportunity. Son Hwa-yeon was in charge of the horizontal line. With vigorous activity, space was created on the left and right.

Bae Ye-bin, a ‘new face’, was put into the waist as a surprise. Bae Ye-bin, born in 2004, stepped on the ground in extra time in the second half of the first game. It was her A-match debut. He started the game that day. He coordinated the game with “European” Cho So-hyun (Tottenham) and Lee Geum-min (Brighton) on his left and right.

The defense was basically Kim Yun-ji, Hong Hye-ji, and Kim Hye-ri. Jang Seul-gi and Choo Hyo-joo, who were located on the left and right sides, transformed into a four-back or five-back depending on the situation and added strength to the defense.

Korea started to attack aggressively from the beginning of the game. But it lacked sophistication. Due to a passing mistake, he cut off the flow himself. Rather, they faced a crisis from the opponent’s surprise counterattack.

In the 16th minute of the first half, ‘Belho’ collided with the opposing goalkeeper as Lee Geum-min dug into the opposing camp. Manager Bell gestured that it was a penalty kick. However, the referee judged that the goalkeeper of Zambia had struck the ball first. The sadness continued. In the 24th minute of the first half, Choo Hyo-joo’s cross was scored by Son Hwa-yeon. However, it was canceled due to an offside decision.

Korea did not give up. kept knocking The decisive opportunity came in the 30th minute of the first half. Jang Seul-gi got a foul in the process of digging into the opponent’s camp. The referee immediately called for a penalty kick. Lee Geum-min, who started as the kicker, calmly completed the goal. Riding the mood, Korea scored an extra goal two minutes later. Park Eun-seon, the “returned sister,” scored a goal by penetrating the opponent’s offside line. On the 7th, Park Eun-sun, who scored for the first time in 9 years, shook the net again in 4 days. Korea ended the first half with a 2-0 lead.

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