A new era of DB, ‘Seonggol’ Kim Joo-seong’s acting system… Do question marks become exclamation marks for 25G?

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The five-year Lee Sang-beom system has come to an end. Now, Wonju DB has opened a new era.

DB announced on the 5th that director Lee Sang-beom, who had been in charge since 2017, voluntarily resigned. He eventually left the court due to lack of grades and health problems.

DB, who even left coach Kim Seong-cheol, who played the role of head coach, raised coach Kim Joo-seong as acting manager and led the 2022-23 season with 25 games left. It ushered in a new era.

After being nominated by Wonju TG as the first overall pick in the 2002 KBL rookie draft, Acting Kim played an active role in only one uniform until the club name was changed to Dongbu and DB. is a sacred bone And beyond the KBL, it has remained a symbol of Korean basketball for a long time.

Acting Kim as a player is a legend itself. He played in 742 games in 16 seasons in his career, won three championships, set great records such as the rookie award, regular league MVP two times, playoff MVP two times, and the all-time block shot (1037).

Acting Kim, who retired at the end of the 2017-18 season, took over as a coach at DB in 2019 after training in the United States. Since then, he has built a leadership career in the first team as well as in the D-League.

At the moment when former head coach Lee and former head coach Kim left, Acting Kim took over the baton earlier than expected. Coach Lee Kwang-jae will remain by his side.

The situation is more worrying than expected. Of course, since it is not a normal leader replacement, there is a lot of concern, but it is unclear what kind of change the DB will make with the lack of leadership experience of Acting Kim and Coach Lee 스포츠토토. In addition, it is difficult to raise the power that has fallen to the floor in a short period of time due to the successive injuries of key players. In many ways, only the burden remains.

If Acting Kim plays well in the remaining 25 games despite various adverse conditions, he will be qualified to be promoted as a full-time manager from the 2023-24 season. He has nothing to prove yet other than being a franchise star, but his leadership in the remaining 25 games can be the standard for evaluation.

Of course, even those who have been active as coaches for a long time collapsed without being able to cause a reversal when they suddenly became acting coaches. It is the reality of the current DB that even veteran coaches find it difficult to overcome. Even so, if acting manager Kim can change the situation, there is no impact as sure as that.

Acting Kim is full of question marks. He has to replace his question mark with an exclamation mark within halfway through the season. Can Acting Kim, who jumped high into the sky like the nickname ‘Air Charisma’ during his playing days, raise his DB as a leader this time? Definitely need to watch.

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