‘Abber2’ Jung Seung-il finishes 2nd overall…joins Ahn Ji-hoon, Kim Dong-ryong, Kim Dong-hoon, and Oh Sung-kyu

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Jung Seung-il, Ahn Ji-hoon, Kim Dong-ryong, Kim Dong-hoon, and Oh Sung-gyu have advanced to the Ho Chi Minh 3 Cushion World Cup Final Qualifier (Q) after finishing second overall in the third qualifying round (PQ) with “Avery 2.

Jung Seung-il topped his group with two wins in the third qualifying round (PQ) of the Ho Chi Minh 3 Cushion World Cup 2023 at Nguyen Du Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on Thursday night (June 24).

In Group I, Jung defeated David Fennor (SWE) 30:13 (17 games) with a high run of 8 points, followed by a close 30:28 (13 games) victory over Hoove Vilkoski (NED). His two-match average of 2 averages ranked second overall among the three qualifiers.

Oh Sung-kyu (F) and Kim Dong-hoon (L) also qualified for the final round with two wins each.

Ahn Ji-hoon, who reportedly played through a shoulder injury, defeated Yoo Yoon-hyun in Group D before falling to Takehiro Onodera (JPN). However, Takehiro’s loss to Yoo tied all three players at 1-1, but Ahn had the highest average (1.160-0.900-0.900) to advance to the third round.

Kim Dong-ryong also tied with Mehmet Goren (Turkiye) and Klaus Mahler (Austria) in Group J with a 1-1 record, but won the group with the highest average (1.239-1.021-0.851).

PBA Priority Registration players Robinson Morales (Spain), Ryuji Umeda (Japan), and Tran Duc Minh (Vietnam) also finished first in their respective groups to advance to the third round.토토사이트

Meanwhile, ‘teenage rookie’ Park Jung-woo (18), who came up from the first qualifier (PPPQ), finished second in Group C with a 1-1 record. Yoo Yoon-hyun and Kang In-rae, who had dramatically advanced to the third round the day before with an 18-point upset win, tied with their groupmates with 1 win and 1 loss, respectively, but were eliminated by Avery. In Group K, Son Jun-hyuk finished third with two losses.

The final qualifier will begin at 12:00 p.m. ET on April 25. Korea will have eight players in the field, including third-round qualifiers Jung Seung-il Ahn Ji-hoon Kim Dong-ryong Kim Dong-hoon Oh Sung-kyu and top-seeded Cha Myung-jong Hwang Bong-joo Seo Chang-hoon.

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