“Adjust the playing time of the main team” Coach Seong-Woo Seong-Woo, why does Hye-Jin Park play 30 minutes each 

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“I feel comfortable when I run a lot.”

Asan Woori Bank, which confirmed its regular league championship early, is taking a breather before the playoffs. I went into arranging the playing time of the main players. There are exceptions. This is Park Hye-jin (33). She’s supposed to take a break, but she’s running as usual. There is a reason for everything.

Woori Bank caught BNK on the 13th and won the regular league championship. After that, on the 16th, we met Samsung Life Insurance in Yongin, and on the 18th, we faced Hanawon Q at home. They won 72-59 and 69-44, respectively. Pajuk’s 5-game winning streak.

And in this game, Park Hye-jin ran 31 minutes 52 seconds and 29 minutes 59 seconds, respectively. In the match against Samsung Life, he played the most within the team, and in the match against Hanawon Q, it is the second most time after Park Ji-hyun (33 minutes and 48 seconds).

The other weeks were done while taking a break. Danbi Kim digested about 17 minutes in two consecutive games, and Kim Jong-un also played 13-20 minutes. Park Ji-hyun played long against Hanawon Q, but played only 20 minutes against Samsung Life Insurance. Choi Yi-sam also played 31 minutes and only stepped on the court for 17 minutes.

Coach Sang-Woo Lee said, “I will control the starting players for about 2-3 games. Then, at the last minute, the main players come out again and prepare for the playoffs. He has no intention of being vain just because he won the championship. Other teams risk life and death, but can’t we just go loose?”

Instead, Park Hye-jin made a different decision. “I will continue to give myself time until I get my pace back,” she says. It did get better. However, he took 40 days off in the middle of the season. There are still ups and downs in the game’s stamina. It goes well and then it goes down. (Park) Hyejin is typically a player who needs to play for a long time on the court to live. It seems that her habit became like that while she was with me.”

She continued, “She is a player who needs to dig in if she doesn’t. It’s a style she needs to change with practice. She has recently been doing her own workouts separately as well. She thinks that’s why she’s a good player. To put it simply, she herself doesn’t like her own play. She is a very good player, and a player who works hard. She doesn’t really like not running,” she explained.

Kim Dan-bi is in MVP mode, and even coach Wie said, “I think I brought her well,” but Park Hye-jin’s presence at Woori Bank is absolute. She is called ‘Ace’. She is also a franchise star who joined Woori Bank in 2009 and is only playing for Woori Bank. 먹튀검증

She also feels responsible for herself. During the season, she suffered plantar fasciitis and took an extended break. She returned on 18 December 2022 against BNK and then on 26 January 2023 against Hana 1Q. She took 38 days off. Her sense of the game is inevitably diminished.

That’s what it looks like from the record. Park Hye-jin is averaging 13.0 points, 6.5 rebounds and 3.8 rebounds this season. She averaged 3 points less than her 16.1 the season before. The average score of 13 points is the first time since the 2018-2019 season. Her rebounds, assists and steals (0.9) are doing their part, but her drop in scoring is a pity.

Park Hye-jin knows better than anyone else. She is running more to come to her senses. Director Wie also acknowledged it. “It doesn’t sound like he’s embarrassed. I’m a little older, so I’m worried about injuries. It is because I have my own greed, and I have the desire to do well.”

“It is true that there are ups and downs in Yatoo right now. But as you go on, the average comes out. Hyejin’s role is important. It should be a good match. Even in the playoffs, she emphasized that good performances are essential.”

Although due to injury, she took a long break anyway. It’s not a situation to worry about her fitness. It’s all about regaining her senses first, even if she jumps a little more. The goal is a unified victory. To win the playoffs, ‘normal’ Park Hye-jin’s strength is absolutely necessary.

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