After all, Holland’s weekly wage of 1.4 billion → rises by 700 million in 15 days… Son Heung-min’s 340 million

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 The weekly wages of English Premier League players have been revealed. It was released several times, but was exposed to the media once again. Again, the highest salary was Manchester City Erling Haaland.

Britain’s Daily Mail recently revealed the salaries of three of the top three players from 20 Premier League clubs.

The number one was, of course, Manchester City’s Erling Haaland. Holland’s weekly income is 865,000 pounds, which is about 1.4 billion won. It is a weekly wage with options. In fact, Holland’s weekly wage is inconsistent.토토사이트

The Sun has released the top 5 EPL weekly wages as of the 30th of last month. At that time, The Sun said that Holland would receive a weekly wage of 402,250 pounds (677 million won). However, the Daily Mail wrote that the basic weekly wage is less, but with options, it is twice as much.

In fact, the exact wages of the players are not known. So it is assumed that it will change each time it is announced. The second place was Man City’s Kevin De Bruyne, who was found to be receiving £385,000. From the second place, unlike Holland, only the basic weekly wage was indicated.

Third place was Liverpool’s Mo Salah, who was the top scorer with 23 goals last year, the same as Son Heung-min. It was £385,000 like De Bruyne,

followed by Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea and Casemiro, who signed this season, each earning £375,000 a week.

There are more players who earn more than £300,000. Chelsea’s Raheem Sterling received £350,000 and team-mate N’Golo Kante received £340,000. Romelu Lukaku, who belongs to Chelsea but is currently on loan to Inter Milan, will also receive £325,000 Inter Milan.

Tottenham’s Harry Kane, who currently ranks second in scoring behind Haaland, is said to be earning just £300,000. Son Heung-min receives 210,000 pounds (approximately 340 million won), the second highest on the team, and Perisic receives 180,000 pounds.

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