‘Alleged Domestic Violence’ Urias placed on administrative leave – the next Bauer?

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Julio Urias (27, Los Angeles Dodgers), who is about to become a free agent, is facing the worst possible situation. He’s been placed on administrative leave following a domestic violence allegation.

The Dodgers announced on Sunday that Urias has been placed on administrative leave by the Major League Baseball office. This is the same administrative leave that Trevor Bauer, 32, received.

A player placed on administrative leave by Major League Baseball is guaranteed service time and salary. However, they are not eligible to play. This is to separate the player from the organization while an investigation is conducted.

Earlier, the Major League Baseball office said Urias was recently arrested by police on suspicion of domestic violence and released on bail. Court appearance on Aug. 28.

Regardless of the court appearance, Major League Baseball is conducting its own investigation into the domestic violence allegations against Urias.

This is the second time Urias has been arrested by police for domestic violence. In May 2019, he was arrested for domestic violence against his wife in a mall parking lot in Los Angeles.

Urias avoided charges at the time, but was suspended 20 games by Major League Baseball for violating the domestic violence protocol.

This time, the punishment could be significantly higher. It’s very possible that Urias will miss the rest of the season, and possibly the postseason. There is also speculation that he could be banned from Major League Baseball.

Previously, Bauer was placed on administrative leave for a year and a half following sexual assault allegations. At the time, Bauer was effectively banned from Major League Baseball despite not being charged.

No player has been disciplined more than twice since Major League Baseball adopted the Domestic Violence Policy in 2015.

Through May 5, Urias, an eight-year major leaguer, had pitched 117 1/3 innings in 21 games this season, going 11-8 with a 4.60 ERA.토스카지노

That’s a performance well below expectations. Add to that the domestic violence allegations. Urias was facing the worst possible situation as he approached free agency.

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