Appeal to the referee after a murder tackle → Tottenham defender avoided sending off

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 Tottenham (England) defender Romero (Argentina) broke AC Milan (Italy)’s quick attack with a rough tackle.

Tottenham played the first leg of the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League in the 2022-23 season against AC Milan in Milan, Italy on the morning of the 15th (Korean time). Tottenham suffered a 0-1 defeat in the match, making it unclear whether they would advance to the quarterfinals, and Romero’s tackle, which stopped AC Milan’s quick attack in the second half, drew attention.

After AC Milan intercepted the ball in midfield, Tonali crossed the center line and quickly tried to break through the dribble. Romero then ran towards Tonali and made a rough tackle with a slide. The ball touched by Tonali flowed into the space behind Tottenham’s defense, and the moment Tonali sprinted, Romero’s stud hit Tonali’s instep.

Tonali collapsed in pain after being tackled by Romero, and the referee quickly ran to the spot where Romero fouled. Romero also ran to the referee and protested strongly, insisting that it was not a foul, but the referee gave Romero a warning. 안전놀이터

England’s Givemisport said, “Romero screamed at the referee after making a shocking tackle.” Romero’s role as a defender helped Tottenham after Tottenham’s devastating defeat to Leicester City. But Romero’s tackle should have been sent off.”

Cesari, a former Italian referee who played an active role in Serie A, claimed, “I don’t like it at all that Romero was warned. It was a lenient decision. It was a high-legged tackle and he had to receive a red card.” AC Milan’s coach Pioli also expressed dissatisfaction after the game, saying, “It was more like sending off than warning.”

On the 11th, Tottenham suffered a crushing defeat against Leicester City in the Premier League in the 2022-23 season, when Romero missed due to accumulated warnings, allowing 4 goals. Romero appeared in Tottenham’s Champions League match, but once again received a card during the match and showed a rough look.

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