Barcelona continue to ‘snap’ after sending it, “Working on re-recruiting Messi from the back”

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Reporter Lee Hyeon-min = World Cup winner and football god Lionel Messi (35, Paris Saint-Germain) is enjoying a happy life in Paris, but FC Barcelona, ​​which has lingering lingering lingering feelings, continues to tease him.

Britain’s 90min reported on the 3rd that “PSG has decided to extend the contract with Argentine national striker Lionel Messi.”

News of Messi’s renewal of the contract flowed through many media outlets. PSG have formally offered him a contract extension after his contract expires after this season. After the World Cup in Qatar last year, it was announced that a one-year contract (1+1) with an option to extend for another year was imminent. 안전놀이터

According to 90min, an agreement was reached in the big picture, but there was no indication that Messi was ready to sign the contract. He stressed that further negotiations are ongoing.

In addition to the contract with PSG, Messi added that returning to Inter Miami and Barcelona, ​​​​US Major League Soccer (MLS) owned by David Beckham, which had been leaking continuously, was also an option.

In particular, Barcelona president Juan Laporta welcomes Messi’s return. According to sources, all recruitment work (return of Messi) is being done behind the scenes. PSG, who heard this news, is known to want to persuade Messi.

In August 2021, Messi, who left after being seriously hurt by Barcelona, ​​is unlikely to return.

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