Black 失着

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The 8th Report> (73~78) = Prior to the finals, when this magazine asked about his impressions of the fight, Yang Dingxin replied as follows. “Go is a sport that only world champions remember. I really want to win. I think I’ve been playing good Go on the international stage lately. Don’t worry about accumulating rich experience. I want to make fewer mistakes and show my skills at the decisive moment.” It is a spleen entry with a mixture of confidence and tension. 안전놀이터

However, even though the words of reducing mistakes are colorless, a failure appears immediately. 73 is a frivolous number. The trade with 74 is, to anyone’s eyes, black’s loss. It was nice to reserve 73-76 here and leave reference 1 as 1 as well. If White makes a fuss with 2, attack White separately with 3. If so, the situation was still unknown.

At this point, how about sending troops to the left center? Reference 2 is also to investigate black’s weakness with 1 and 3. If you can catch six pieces of obsidian, it’s a huge criminal record. However, the pair of 4 is the weak spot. Match A and B. The number is not available right now. As White moved to 78, Black was again faced with a choice.

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