‘Brash Freshman’ Jang Jimin, a Team Energizer?

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“Coming back from an injury, I want to be a freshman who has a good mindset and plays with confidence.”

Myongji University is tied for sixth place with Sungkyunkwan University, Kyung Hee University, and Konkuk University with five wins and six losses.

There are four teams tied for sixth place. Only eight teams can qualify for the playoffs. One of the tied teams may not make the playoffs.

Dongguk University, currently in 10th place with a 3-8 record, can get to six wins if they win all three of their remaining games. Dongguk University is also a playoff contender.

Myeongji University seemed to be closing in on a playoff spot with four wins (two against the same group). However, they have struggled against other groups, going 1-4. Their one win came against the weakest team, Chosun University.

The team is currently not at full strength with several injured players. Among them, Jang Ji-min (182 cm, G), who injured her ankle, made her college debut on the 30th of last month against Kunkuk University.

Jang was expected to bolster the guard lineup alongside Kim Do-yeon. Coach Kim Tae-jin Myeongji paid a lot of attention to Jang’s lack of strength from the winter training. Jang injured his ankle while preparing for the college basketball league, which delayed his debut.

Before the game against KU, Jang said, “Originally, I was going to prepare by working out, but there were injured players, so I had to play suddenly. In defense, I’m basically trying to help my brothers and play mainly passing,” he said of his debut.

When asked about his physical condition, Jang said, “I’m feeling pretty good, but I’m just getting there,” adding, “My ankle isn’t completely healed, so I won’t be able to block much, but I’ll try to stop the good KU guard in front of me.”

When asked how Myeongjidae was doing off the court, Jang Jimin said, “We have better hand-eye coordination than when we first finished winter training. During the winter training, we didn’t get along and made a lot of mistakes, and we still make a lot of mistakes, but they’ve decreased a lot.” “Harrigan grabs the rebounds well, the players up front are fast, and Jung In-ho and So Jun-hyuk have good shots. If they go in (under the basket) and then pull out, In-ho or Jun-hyuk will shoot, and if they don’t, Harrigan will grab the rebound.”

“I want to be a freshman who plays with a good mindset and plays with confidence because I’m coming back from an injury,” Jang said.

Against KU, Jang played 24 minutes and 39 seconds, recording five points, four rebounds, and two assists. Although he hasn’t fully recovered his game, he is expected to play a vital role in Myeongji University’s short-handed roster.토토사이트

Myongji will face Dongguk University on the 8th, Sungkyunkwan University on the 12th, and Yonsei University on the 28th. They need to beat both Dongguk University and Sungkyunkwan University to secure a spot in the playoffs.

If Jang Ji-min can stabilize the game, Myeongji University will be able to play better.

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