Bromdahl strikes out 26 balls in a row. 3Cushion World Cup high run record – Hochimin World Cup

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Tovjon Bromdahl has set a new World Cup high run record. Bromdahl smashed 26 consecutive sixes in the first innings of the round of 32 match at the Ho Chi Minh City Three-Cushion World Cup 2023 on Saturday.

He smashed his previous best of 24 in the first cue, leaving Dion Nelyn without a shot.

With a 26-0 first inning lead, Bromdahl was on pace to break his World Championship record of 28, but the bounce only improved his World Cup record.

The previous best of 24 was held jointly by South Korea’s Cho Myung-woo and Dick Yasper’s Jeremy Fury, with Cho being the most recent.토토사이트

Choi scored 24 in the third innings of the Seoul 3-Cushion World Cup Qualifier against Tony Carlson in 2018.

Choi was playing at the same table where Bromdahl was setting a new high run record, hitting six straight sixes against Karakurt. Choi led 24-10 at the halfway point.

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