‘Butler 28 point explosion’ Miami defended salty water, leads the series with a complete victory by 19 points

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Miami beat New York. 

The Miami Heat won 105-86 against the New York Knicks in Game 3 of the 2nd round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs held at the Miami-Dade Arena on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time).

Miami, who won a major victory, took the lead again with a series record of 2 wins and 1 loss.

In Miami, Jimmy Butler, who missed Game 2 due to an ankle injury, returned and led the team to victory. Butler scored 28 points and showed an ace-like appearance. Bam Adebayo scored 17 points and 12 rebounds, and Max Struss scored 19 points, and the salty water defense that ties the opponent up was also a factor in the victory.

New York suffered a crushing defeat after suffering from Yatoo hunting. Jalen Brunson scored 20 points, but it was painful that Julius Randle only scored 10 points.

In the first quarter, Butler led the attack and took the lead, but Max Strauss added strength. It was regrettable that New York could not further reduce the score difference as a turnover came out in the pursuit flow. The first quarter ended with Miami leading 29-21.

Miami started the second quarter with 3-pointers from Heywood Highsmith and Duncan Robbins, beating New York. New York fell behind as RJ Barrett, who received a technical foul, failed to attack one after another. While New York only scored 4 points in nearly 5 minutes, Kyle Lowry’s outer gun exploded, widening the gap further.

New York in crisis put out the urgent fire with Immanuel Quikley’s two 3-point shots. However, Miami ran away again in a shaky situation with Butler scoring with a series of rim attacks, ending the first half with a score of 58-44.토스카지노

Even in the third quarter, the flow did not change much. Miami put pressure on New York as Struss continued to insert jumpers. As New York followed with an outside gun, Miami responded with Lowry’s 3-pointer and Gabe Vincent’s back-to-back scoring. Miami, who maintained the score gap without much trouble, finished the third quarter with 87-70.

There was no turnaround in the fourth quarter. Miami began to solidify with Lowry, the core of the bench, leading the offense. In New York, Brunson exerted his last strength, but it was not enough to turn the tide of the war. Miami reaped a great victory with a perfect defense.

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