World Athletics Federation allows 6 Russian athletes to compete in neutral countries… No effectiveness

 Correspondent Han Nam-jik = The World Association of Athletics Federations granted six additional Russian athletes the qualifications to compete in international competitions as “neutral athletes”. However, since Russia that invaded Ukraine and all Belarusian players who helped Russia are banned from participating in international competitions, even players qualified to participate in neutral countries cannot actually […]

“For each other…” The story of Lee Ki-hyung and Lee Ho-jae’s father and son refraining from mentioning 

 “For each other… Seongnam FC coach Lee Gi-hyung and Pohang Steelers striker Lee Ho-jae have a father-son relationship. Although they do not play for the same team, they have a common denominator called ‘soccer’. Lee Ho-jae continues to be called the son of director Lee Ki-hyung. Every time he interviews, director Lee Ki-hyung never misses a question. 먹튀검증 As […]

SON colleague, full of ‘loyalty’ even in rental status… “I will be the light of the fans”

Arnaud Danjuma showed his loyalty to Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham had a relatively quiet winter transfer window. Compared to last summer, when they brought in a total of eight players, including the full signing of Cristian Romero, it was certainly quiet. Of course, it is not without reinforcement. The right fullback, which has been an Achilles tendon for […]

Jo Gyu-seong left, Oh Hyeon-gyu left, Hwang Eui-jo came… Midterm inspection of the K-League winter transfer market 

The K-League transfer market is active this winter as well. Unlike European soccer, which has a ‘Chunchu Festival’, winter is the main market in the K-League, which is operated as a ‘Chunchu Festival’. The period is also ample. It opens on January 1st and runs until the 24th of the following month. In the case of the K-League 1 […]