Chinese golf star Peng Shanshan loses weight and fans are ‘surprised’

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Reporter Kim Dong-chan = Peng Shanshan (34, China), who won 10 career victories on the LPGA Tour, recently revealed her weight loss.

Peng Sanshan posted on her social media on her 1st a photo of her attending her current LPGA Tour HSBC World Championship event in Singapore.

Peng Sanshan, who retired in August last year, said that she will not compete in this tournament as a player, but she was invited to attend an event ahead of the opening.

“I am happy to come back to Singapore and meet my old friends on the LPGA tour,” said Feng Shanshan, along with a photo he released.

Most of the more than 100 comments were “I almost didn’t recognize you” or “It would be nice if I could return as a player again”, etc.

Peng Shanshan was a world-class player who won the LPGA Championship, a major tournament in 2012, won a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and ranked first in the women’s golf world rankings in 2017. 먹튀검증

She is a player who virtually pioneered Chinese women’s golf, and she was even called ‘Pak Se-ri of Chinese women’s golf’.

During her career, she was said to have relied on her natural talent rather than her hard-working style in training, and she was larger than most of her players.

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