Choi Won-tae signing butterfly effect? LG without 1R, beastly first pick→minor career instant pitcher “as prepared”

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The LG Twins, who traded their first-round pick to acquire Won-Tae Choi, ended their rookie draft with an outfield-oriented strategy. Four pitchers, two outfielders, three infielders, and one catcher were among the 10 players selected.

LG selected a total of 10 players in the 2024 KBO Rookie Draft on Thursday at the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Chosun Hotel in Sogong, Seoul. After acquiring Choi Won-tae in a blowout trade with Kiwoom on July 29, the first-round pick was handed over to the Kiwoom Heroes. As a result, LG could only select 10 players in the second through 11th rounds this year.

With the loss of the first-round pick and the eighth overall pick, strategic decisions were even more important. LG used both of its top two picks, a second-rounder and a third-rounder, on non-pitchers. In the second round, the team selected Kim Hyun-jong, a right-handed outfielder from Incheon High School, and in the third round, Son Yong-jun, a right-handed infielder from Dongwon University of Science and Technology.

After the draft, LG’s scouting team leader Paik Baek-jin said, “We focused on pitchers who have good physical conditions, who can immediately show power or prepare for the future, and hitters with good speed. I think it is a satisfactory draft result as we prepared for it.”

Second-rounder Kim Hyun-jong was born in 2004 and is 6-foot-2 and 185 pounds. In 18 games this year, he batted .412 with three home runs, 18 RBIs and 10 stolen bases. LG was excited about Kim’s hitting potential. The scouting team said of Kim, “He has a solid offensive game. He is a mid-to-long-range hitter with a stable overall game, including his range, ability to judge pitches, and speed to react to pitches.”토토사이트

Third-rounder Yong-jun Son was born in 2000 and is 178 centimeters tall and weighs 85 kilograms. He batted .448 with four home runs, 20 RBIs, and 18 stolen bases in 21 games in the college league this year. The club said, “An offensive infielder with good contact and power. He has a wide range on defense and is quick to judge pitches and get off to a good start.” Yong-jun Son also has a history of fulfilling his military obligations while on active duty.

The fourth round pick, Jin Woo-young, is currently playing for the independent Paju Challengers and has minor league experience. After graduating from the Global Advancement School, he joined the Kansas City Royals before returning to Korea. Born in 2001, he has a sturdy physique with a height of 187 centimeters and a weight of 97 kilograms. The LG scouting team said, “He has excellent physical condition, good power and elasticity. He has a stable fastball and a heavy delivery, so he can play a role as a middle relief pitcher in the future.”

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