Choo Shin-soo, who defended ‘school violence’ → ‘Determination’ topic of school violence victim Park Ji-seong, who was ‘baked with a club every night’

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The controversy over ‘Ahn Woo-jin’s school violence’, which SSG’s signboard star Choo Shin-soo said with determination, is not fading.

Now, the Korean football legend Park Ji-sung, who is suspected of school violence, is summoned again to criticize Choo Shin-soo.

During the Lunar New Year holiday, the baseball board was noisy because of Choo Shin-soo’s comments defending An Woo-jin.

Choo Shin-soo, who returned to Texas, appeared on the radio program ‘DKNET’ in Dallas, Texas on the 21st (Korean time), USA, and expressed his thoughts about the dropout of ‘Hot Potato’ An Woo-jin (Kiwoom) from the WBC national team.

Choo Shin-soo said, “(Ahn Woo-jin) obviously did the wrong thing and it’s very sad to hear it as a third person. In a way, he is a player who has the talent to do well after Park Chan-ho, and I am also playing baseball in Korea, but there are too many things I do not understand,” he expressed his thoughts.

Choo Shin-soo said, “It seems that forgiveness is not easy in Korea. People repented of their mistakes, were punished, were suspended, and did everything, but they couldn’t go to international competitions.”

Fans who heard this all criticized Shin-soo Choo for his strong remarks.

Choo Shin-soo, who has been unsparing in his direct remarks for the development of Korean professional baseball, has caused a great stir to the extent that it has tarnished his image.

In this situation, fans are criticizing Choo Shin-soo, mentioning Park Ji-sung’s school violence again.

Park Ji-sung, who was one of the best soccer players in Korea, turned out to be a huge victim of school violence. He was a victim of school violence to the extent that he was subjected to ‘stick poultice’ from his middle school seniors every day since he was in the 6th grade of elementary school.

In particular, he says that he only remembers being hit by his mother once because he did something wrong when he was young. However, he was beaten every day at the training camp, so if his mother saw him like this, he would have been beaten up.

Park Ji-sung openly exposed his past experience of school violence through his autobiography ‘My Story’ a few years ago.

Park Ji-sung detailed the daily violence in his book. Even after 20 years, he remembered it vividly.

“I don’t know if the many seniors who hit me had their own reasons. However, most of the cases were never understandable from the position of being beaten. Having to endure being baptized with a club by a senior just because he is a junior. The situation where I had to silently endure unjust violence in order to play football made it difficult for me.”

The memory of Park Ji-sung continued. “If you get hit by mistake, even 100 people can get hit happily. But yesterday, that senior was in a bad mood, and today, it was unbearable for this senior to be scolded by the director and be baptized with a club every night.”

Park Ji-seong, who was bullied with clubs by his seniors during his school days, said he made a decision.

Park Ji-sung promised, “I will never hit my juniors no matter what”, and he said that he never actually stabbed his juniors. 온라인바카라

The vicious cycle of ‘violence’ almost continued, but Park Ji-sung took the lead in ending the nightmare-like violence he experienced.

Even Park Ji-sung, who made a fortune as a soccer player, can’t erase the nightmarish memories of that time even after ten years have passed.

In this way, Choo Shin-soo overlooked the fact that only the victim, not the perpetrator’s sincere apology and the third party, can forgive school violence.

On the other hand, his remarks caused a stir, but Choo Shin-soo has since kept his mouth shut.

However, Ahn Young-myeong, a former professional baseball player, defended Choo Shin-soo’s remarks, and as he was scolded, he immediately deleted his SNS post.

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