‘Chung Chan Sung’s disciple’ Kim Hansul loses elbow KO to Chinese fighter in faded masterpiece striking battle

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“Disciple of the Korean Zombie” Hansul Kim (33-Korean Zombie MMA) put on a great striking display at “ROAD TO UFC” Season 2, but was knocked out by an elbow.

Kim suffered a second-round TKO loss to China’s Nualarch Tyraker, 21, in their opening-round non-tournament welterweight (77 pounds or less) bout at the UFC Performance Institute Shanghai on Nov. 27 in Shanghai, China.

Kim, who defeated John Adazar (Philippines) with a triangle armbar in a welterweight non-tournament bout in Season 1 last year, tried again in Season 2 this year, but this time it was a bitter pill to swallow.

A southpaw who specializes in powerful left-handed counterpunches, Kim traded blows with fellow southpaw Nual Archie from the first round. Kim landed punch after punch to the face, but Nualarch kept pushing forward.토토사이트

Even though he landed the same number of punches, he had more power than Kim Hansul. Kim Hansul continued to hold on and fight back. However, as time went on, he was losing ground.

Eventually, in an exchange of blows, Kim allowed Nualarch to land a left elbow to his face. Shocked, Kim fell forward like a falling tree, and the referee ended the match.

Kim laid on the ground and received medical attention for a while before barely regaining his senses. The match wasn’t bad, but her opponent’s power and skill were far superior to hers. With the loss, Kim’s overall record dropped to 13-5.

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