‘Come-from-behind buzzer-beating 3-pointer’ Busan University’s Kim Sae-byul, “This is the first time I’ve scored like this since playing basketball”

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Kim Sae-byul, the captain of Busan University, saved the day. A final buzzer-beater turned the game around.

Busan National University defeated Dankook University 56-55 in the women’s game of the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League at Dankook University’s Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on the 9th. Continuing its winning streak, Busan University moved into sole possession of third place with four wins and three losses.

Kim Sae-byul, who started the game, played 20 minutes and 17 seconds, scoring nine points and grabbing two rebounds. It wasn’t her usual standout performance, but Kim’s crucial three-point shot was the difference in the game.

Unable to overcome the deficit throughout the game, Busan University was down by 13 points with 3:34 to go. However, the team showed great determination and narrowed the gap, and Kim’s game-ending buzzer-beating three-pointer at the end of regulation went through the rim to win a dramatic upset.

“The game didn’t go well in the beginning, but my teacher (coach Park Hyun-eun) told me not to give up and to enjoy it, so I played until the end with that mindset, but the game still didn’t go well, but the last shot went in and I felt so good and thrilled. It was good to win,” she said after the victory.

Kim’s last shot hit the backboard. Did she know she was going to win when she threw it up?

“It was my last shot, so I had to throw it,” she said, “and I found my balance and threw it. I didn’t expect it to hit the backboard, but when the shot was flying, I had a little bit of a feeling that it would go in, but I wasn’t sure. I’m glad it went in and it felt really good. It’s the first time I’ve ever scored a game-winning buzzer-beater in basketball,” he said, showing tears in his eyes.

On the day, Busan University played a difficult game, losing the lead to Dankook University from the beginning. In fact, 39 minutes and 59 seconds were conceded to the opponent. They laughed at the last second.안전놀이터

Kim Sae-byul said, “We were in a hurry and missed a lot. We also had some shots that we missed because we were off-balance. We were playing against the clock, but we didn’t give up, so it was a good result. I think we played with the mindset of not giving up at the end and doing what we were doing.”

On the last situation, he said, “We have a pattern, and it was a situation where we applied it and saw the defender and took a chance, and it came to me. I could have caught it or I could have set a screen, but I felt like I needed to come out and I did, and it turned out well. In that situation, I think it’s better to come out and throw than to screen,” he laughed.

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