Confused and hot. Where are the three free agents?

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It is a chaotic FA market. Where will the big fish 3 go?

On the 8th, the 2023 professional basketball FA market was held. The 47 players who have obtained FA qualification will decide their future through free negotiations for 15 days until noon on the 22nd.

This year, the FA market has received a lot of attention as it is a market where forward players are pouring in. Among them, in particular, there is a growing curiosity about the progress of the big fish trio, Choi Jun-yong (SK), Yang Hong-seok (KT), and Moon Seong-gon (KGC Ginseng Corporation).

At first, there was talk that all three of them had a high possibility of remaining in the original team, but the atmosphere after the market opened was quite different. Some predict that all three can transfer to a new team. This is because several teams are showing interest in them.

All three are worthy players.

Choi Jun-yong, who won the 2021-2022 regular league MVP, is a player who can still show the best performance in the league when healthy. While suffering from injuries throughout the 2022-2023 season, the team was unable to complete the season, but playmaking based on ball handling skills, transition game leading ability, and defensive court presence are overwhelming.

Yang Hong-seok is also a resource that any team that is looking to reinforce their forward line should keep an eye on. The performance of the 2022-2023 season without Heo Hoon was disappointing, but it has above-average shooting power and the ability to actively participate in offensive rebounds. It combines speed, size, and athletic ability, so it is a resource capable of attacking the rim and attacking the 3-point line in a fast break.

Moon Seong-gon, the best defender in the league, is evaluated as a card that all teams aiming for the championship cannot help but covet. Although his shooting ability is evaluated as unstable, he has excellent anti-personnel defense to the point of being able to block the smaller guard Kim Seon-hyung in the championship game, and is also excellent at inducing second-chance attacks by participating in offensive rebounds.토스카지노

At the site, there is a story that all three people are receiving attention from multiple teams. At the extreme, the possibility of a situation in which all three players move their team is carefully mentioned. In a situation where the salary cap margin of each club has increased overall, the competition for the recruitment of three players is also heating up.

An official hinted, “With the increase in the salary cap and the change in the Asian quota system, the amount of salary that each team can use in the market has increased.

In the chaotic free agency market, which teams will capture the hearts of three people? The club-player autonomous negotiation period still has more than 10 days left.

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