Corporal not hyung, roll call, military song… Wise military life of new recruits in Gimcheon

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“Corporate Lee Young-jae and Corporal Kwon Chang-hoon…” said

striker Cho Young-wook, who was wearing the uniform of Kim Cheon. It’s a close relationship that would naturally lead to a ‘brother’ if it was like usual, but the army is still the army. When asked if he thinks that class titles will not stick to his lips yet, he laughs, saying, “It’s not easy in many ways.” He lives outside in a hotel and is working on winter training, but it is more difficult because there are procedures that a soldier must perform, such as roll call. Cho Young-wook, who has been living in a soccer club since childhood and is familiar with group life, but responds that the army is an army, saying, “I am mentally big when I come.”

The same is true of Doo-jae Won, a supporter that will inject great power into the midfield and rear. Doo-jae Won said, “I live outside of the base, but I still feel that I am a soldier.” As always, if it was battery training with the team, I might be able to go for a walk, but I have no choice but to do it because I live a life where going out and using cell phones are restricted. 먹튀검증

He knows everything that ordinary soldiers do, such as military songs and manual gymnastics. Doojae Won said, “The military life itself is not very difficult for me, but things like singing and dancing were unfamiliar, so it was a little difficult.” Even so, when asked if he had memorized all the gunga, he laughed, saying, “Of course. I tried to memorize it unconditionally because it won’t end if I don’t memorize it all.”

When Doo-jae Won was asked which of the 18 enlisted mates seemed to be the slowest to adapt, he picked out goalkeeper Kang Hyeon-moo, who was playing for the Pohang Steelers, and made everyone around him laugh. Doo-jae Won laughed, “I listen well, but (Kang) Hyun-moo hyung doesn’t seem to be able to follow along well.

Jo Young-wook was also asked a nasty question. When asked if seniors such as Kwon Chang-hoon and Lee Young-jae, who are about to be discharged soon, tease them by asking if they have joined the military now, he replied with a smile, “I don’t tease him in particular, but I just feel envious when I see him.” In Jo Young-wook’s expression, he showed emotions that any adult man who had experienced military life could relate to. I also think that the army should go quickly.

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