DB one-club man Yun Ho-young’s last words “I was happy every moment I played on the court”

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“I’d appreciate it if the fans thought of him as the player they always wanted to be on the court.”

Wonju DB Promy announced the retirement of forward Yun Ho-young through a press release on the 10th. 

Yoon Ho-young, a graduate of Chung-Ang University, entered the DB as the third overall pick in the 2008 draft. Franchise star Yun Ho-young, who played for only one DB club for the next 16 years, made a big contribution to winning three regular league championships. In the 2011-2012 season, when DB won 44 regular league games, he was even selected as the regular league MVP.  

Yoon Ho-young, who has been active in DB for a long time, decided to retire after this season. He was in a situation where he would be eligible for free agency at the end of this season. He plans to step on the path of a leader, plans to leave for training in the United States, and is currently taking a break to focus on raising children.

Yoon Ho-young, who had a phone interview with <Rookie> on the afternoon of the 10th, said, “After being hectic, I feel it now that I received an article and got a call. “, he said of his retirement.

He continued, “Now I am playing the role of a father, which I have not been able to do for 16 years. My wife was initially disappointed at the fact that I retired, but she believed in me and supported me more than anyone else. I am always grateful.”

Yun Ho-young felt less regret because she had been thinking about retirement before the season. However, he expressed regret about not being able to meet many fans as he could not play often in the aftermath of an injury in the last season. Yoon Ho-young’s retirement ceremony will be held at DB’s home opener in the 2023-2024 season. 

Yun Ho-young said, “Still, I’ve been preparing all the time, so I don’t have a lot of regret. It would have been better if I had retired from the court at the end, but that’s a pity. It’s unfortunate that I left without being able to properly greet the fans on the court.”

When asked to name the most memorable moment in his professional life, he did not pick a specific scene, but remembered all the moments he had on the court. 

Yun Ho-young recalled, “I don’t just come up with a specific scene. I was always a good player when I went on the court, so every moment is memorable. Rather than just a moment, I was really happy and happy when I was on the court. I wanted to be on the court all the time.” did.

When asked how he would like fans to remember him, he replied, “I hope fans will remember him as a player they always wanted to see on the court. I would be grateful if they thought of me as a player they always wanted to be on the court.”

Players born in 1984, including Yun Ho-young, Kim Tae-sul, Yang Hee-jong, Ham Ji-hoon, Kim Young-hwan, Jeong Young-sam, and Lee Kwang-jae, left a distinct mark in KBL history. With Yang Hee-jong, Yoon Ho-young, and Kim Young-hwan retiring at the end of this season, Ham Ji-hoon became the only active player born in 1984. Coincidentally, the retirements of Yun Ho-young and Kim Young-hwan were announced on the same day. 

Yun Ho-young applauded, saying, “Even though they are friends, I want to tell them that they really worked hard. Since they did enough, it seems appropriate to leave when they can. (Laughs) Everyone worked really hard.”온라인카지노

Regarding the plan to train American leaders, he said, “We are still planning. Some drafts have been released, but the details have to be further coordinated, so the exact schedule has not been set. There are no confirmed issues yet.”

Yun Ho-young, who was a player on the court, has now taken a step forward as a leader nurturing juniors. What kind of leader would he like to be?

Yun Ho-young promised, “I want to pass on all the know-how I have. Of course, I have to have a communicative appearance, and I hope that many of my juniors will take away what I have.”

Finally, Yun Ho-young said, “I was really grateful and reassured. Thanks to you, I was able to play basketball happily.”

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