Defender shook his head at Chelsea’s wide signing: ‘It’s been like a crazy month’

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 Reporter Han Jae-hyun = Chelsea poured a lot of money to strengthen the squad, but the existing players couldn’t just be happy.

Chelsea defender Rhys James said in an interview with British media ‘Metro’ on the 13th (local time), “The transfer window is one of the things I hate.”

“It was too much in one month. It was a crazy month,” he said, bitterly about the club’s stormy recruitment. 슬롯사이트

Chelsea have made a storm of signings this month to the extent of surpassing the summer transfer market. In addition to Enzo Fernandez, they recruited special players such as Mihailo Mudriq and Joao Felix. Chelsea spent over £600m (approximately 929 billion won) including summer and winter.

The player base has been thickened by signing numerous special players, but harmony with the existing players is a problem. If you fail to harmonize, you can see the opposite effect.

“They all come from different teams and are there to help the team,” James said. I want to help new players adapt quickly.”

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