‘Director Kompany – 1st in the 2nd division’… Pay attention to the current situation of Burnley aiming for Lee Kang-in

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Burnley, which is aiming for promotion, also wants Lee Kang-in.

On the 8th (Korean time), Spain’s ‘Marca’ mentioned the teams that are connected, saying, “There is interest in Lee Kang-in from the English Premier League (EPL) and the Dutch Eredivisie.” Aston Villa, Newcastle United and Feyenoord are on the list. There was also Burnley. Burnley was in the EPL until last season, but after being relegated, they are staying in the English Championship (second division).

The relegated Burnley made an unconventional choice. Manchester City and Belgian legend Vincent Kompany have been appointed as manager 토토. Coach Kompany played for Anderlecht after leaving Man City, but when the manager was sacked, he played an active role as a player and manager. After his retirement he became the full manager of Anderlecht. Coach Kompany made good use of youngsters and performed well in the Belgian league.

Even though he achieved results in the Belgian league, he was still difficult to trust as a manager. Even so, Burnley made a bold decision and appointed director Kompany. There were many concerns, but so far, Kompany’s appointment as coach has been successful. As of now, Burnley is number one in the championship. They played 26 matches and collected 56 points. They are 5 points behind second place Sheffield United.

It was stable in the second place with automatic promotion. They go to the playoffs from 3rd place, but they are 14 points behind Blackburn Lobos, who are currently in 3rd place. There are still many games left, but many are talking about Burnley having the highest chance of promotion to the EPL. Burnley’s biggest advantage was attack. He scored 56 points in 26 games. He is the only 50 goalscorer in the Championship and scores over 2 points per game.

Burnley is planning to bring Lee Kang-in to the finish line. With Josh Brownhill, Anas Jauri, and Benson Manuel in charge of the build-up, if Lee Kang-in comes along, Burnley’s chances of promotion will increase. It is uncertain whether they will be ahead of the competition with other teams. Realistically, it is true that they cannot spend more money than EPL teams and even if they are ranked first in the championship, they are less attractive than Villa and Newcastle, which belong to the EPL.

If you are promoted, you should also think about the fact that a large-scale reinforcement can be done, which can threaten the preservation of your seat. Even if Lee Kang-in decides to transfer and Burnley woos him and makes an appropriate offer, Lee Kang-in seems likely to choose another team.

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