“Don’t forget your passion”… A ground full of will to challenge

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Never forget the passion for baseball you have now.”

The Korean Women’s Baseball Federation (WBAK) held the ‘2023 Women’s Baseball National Team Standing Army Selection Match’ at the Hwaseong Dream Park baseball field for two days from the 18th to the 19th. The chance to earn the Taegeuk mark was allowed only to 20 out of 65 people who passed through the primary document and video screening. The players did their best to show everything they had during the preliminary round.

The chilly weather continued for two days at the Hwaseong Dream Park baseball field. Especially the last day was colder than the first day. Professional coaches also emphasized injury prevention for players, saying, “It’s cold weather for baseball.”

On the morning of the 2nd day, defense drills were conducted by dividing them into positions. In the afternoon, they played their own Cheongbaekjeon and finally checked the skills of the players. The players roamed the ground every moment until the moment the end of the game was declared.

Yang Sang-moon, coach of the women’s baseball team, said, “Even in bad weather, I felt the passion of the players who dreamed of becoming a national team. I also said ‘thank you’ to the players. It was a proud time.”

Yang coached the dugout and the ground without a break, checking the skills of the players. “I focused on checking how much the skills of the players I saw last winter improved. It’s been 3-4 months, but it felt good to see the players who improved their skills,” he explained. 안전놀이터

The will of the players was shown throughout the field throughout the selection process. Coach Yang hoped that the players’ hearts toward baseball would last forever, regardless of whether they were selected for the national team or not. “I talked to the players, but regardless of whether they were selected (the national team), I hope they will not forget their passion for baseball and try again for the players who will be eliminated.”

Finally, coach Yang said, “We have started the journey to get the attention of women’s baseball. We will show you the results first. Also, please send a lot of support and strength to the women’s baseball players.”

The women’s baseball national team selection match, which heated up the ground for two days, has come to an end. All schedules have ended, but I hope there will be no end to the players’ will to challenge.

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