‘Elbow pain again’… No. 1 fireballer missing since May “had high hopes” for return

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Choi Chung-yeon has been anxiously awaiting her return this season.

Choi Chung-yeon is Samsung’s sore finger. The former first-round pick was a highly touted prospect before joining the team. In 2018, she had a breakout year with a 2-6 record, 16 shutouts and eight saves in 70 games with a 3.60 goals-against average. She was selected to the national team for the Asian Games in Jakarta Palembang, where she won a gold medal and received military service benefits.

But a combination of bad luck and elbow surgery kept him off the mound for two years. He returned after three years and pitched in 38 games last year, going 1-0 with a 4.70 ERA.

He worked harder than anyone in spring training leading up to this season. He threw more than 1,000 pitches, which he promised himself.

As a result, Park Jin-man had high hopes for Choi, naming her the MVP of the camp.

However, as the season began, Choi was not in the best shape. He appeared in seven games this season, posting a 4.82 ERA in 9⅓ innings pitched. He has no wins, losses, holds, or saves. His strikeout-to-walk ratio isn’t great either, with eight strikeouts and seven walks.

He hasn’t pitched since May 20 against the Changwon NC. He hasn’t played for the Futures either. This is due to an injury. “My elbow is not good. It was thought that he would recover from the injury and be back in shape by the end of July. But there is no news.

Coach Park Jin-man is also disappointed. “He hasn’t been able to join the Futures because he’s not fully fit yet. I’m currently building my body in the reserve team,” he sighs.

His elbow is still not in good shape. “It seems to come and go,” Park said. It seems to come and go,” he said, explaining his frustration.토토사이트

This is especially frustrating for Park Jin-man, who was the most anticipated coach. “I had a lot of expectations. I prepared a lot. I practiced a lot,” Park said, “but I’m probably the most frustrated. I’ve been preparing hard since camp, but I’m not in good shape since the season started. I think I’m in a hurry, and I’m just disappointed in the bench.”

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