Entering the trending Europe, conveying sincerity to juniors

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Why Gye-myo Nyeon’s performance is more urgent’.

 Professional football K League 1 Ulsan Hyundai striker Yoon Il-rok (31) told fans as it was a special interview for the Lunar New Year, “I wish you a happy New Year and always be healthy. This season, Ulsan fans will have a lot of excitement and worries. I will do my best, so please always ask for a lot.” 바카라
 ◆ The dignity of a
 senior and a veteran. Yoon Il-rok has experience playing in the French professional soccer league. After making a kite with Montpellier in the 2019-2020 season, he played until the 2020-2021 season. It was a time when he was in the midst of raising his share price, so he was a convincing advance into Europe. He did not achieve satisfactory results, but it was a valuable experience in making him who he is today.

 Coincidentally, recently, young players such as Oh Hyun-kyu and Cho Kyu-seong are strongly connected to European clubs. After seniors such as Park Ji-seong and Lee Young-pyo entered the English Professional Football Premier League (EPL), many young guns in Korean soccer choose the EPL as their dream stage. Not only the EPL, but all five European leagues are popular depending on your taste.

 Yoon Il-rok said, “It is a happy and good thing to experience European or overseas stages and play soccer. It is probably every player’s dream to advance to Europe. I hope many players will try it. I think there are many things that can be experienced outside of football,” he said. “Experience is more important than success or failure. I want to go out and hit a lot. Of course, there is also loneliness. It’s hard if you can’t communicate in the language and there’s a blockage in your life. But if going abroad is your dream, you have to bear it.”

 Yoon Il-rok also matured with elements he experienced in Europe. He redefined his goal of wanting to play football for a long time. He said, “I want to be remembered as a player who consistently did well in any situation. As he gets older, his explosive looks diminish. To compensate, he must be clever and seasoned. He wants to reinforce that part. It is difficult to laugh and play soccer with the players, but I really like it and I think I want to play for a long time.”

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