Foreign players who were kicked out for dishonesty, the first reverse export to Japan is eventually going to fail

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Zoilo Almonte (33), who plays for the Japanese professional baseball Chunichi Dragons, has a unique career.

He is the first case of reverse export of a foreign player in the history of Korean professional baseball.

Almonte has experience playing for kt in 2021. His performance at the time was 0.271 batting average, 7 home runs and 36 RBIs in 60 games. He can be said to have achieved his own results, but he was kicked out midway due to problems such as insincere running and defensive attitude.

Afterwards, Almonte, who advanced to the Mexican League, hit 27 home runs and was checked by Chunichi’s scouting net. It would not have been easy for Chunichi to bring back a foreign player who had been kicked out once.안전놀이터

However, Chunichi believed in his performance in the Mexican League. Since it is a team with very weak offensive power, Almonte, who always batted in the 30% range when there was no injury, was recruited again.

What were the results?

First of all, there is a high probability that it will end in a big failure. This is because Almonte is suffering from sluggishness without overcoming the competition for the starting position.

The controversy over infidelity that arose in Korea does not seem to appear in Japan. Articles about him are hard to find.

But his lack of skill is unavoidable. His skills are not living up to expectations.

As of the 22nd, Almonte is only posting a batting average of 0.200, 1 home run and 2 RBIs.

He struck out eight in 25 at bats, but did not get a single walk. It is proof that the opponent does not feel intimidated by Almonte at all.

They are boldly entering the game to catch Almonte, and Almonte is not able to overcome this offensive properly.

He has a mere .200 on-base percentage and a poor slugging percentage of .360. He has an OPS of just 0.560.

At this rate, it seems that he will not be able to escape the release of the mace once again in Chunichi. If the first exit was an injury-related issue, there is a high possibility that this time it will be kicked out due to poor skills.

The problem of insincere attitude is not being raised. However, the performance is below expectations.

Chunichi’s acquisition of Almonte is highly likely to return to a catastrophic failure.

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