Good brother Messi, “I’m not talking about Mbappe and the World Cup final”…why?

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 Lionel Messi (35, PSG) tries not to talk about winning the World Cup in Qatar in front of Kylian Mbappe (24, PSG).

Messi competed as captain of the Argentina national team at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar held last year. Argentina suffered a 0-1 shock defeat to Saudi Arabia in the first match of the group stage and advanced to the final. The opponent in the final was defending champion France, who had Mbappe at the forefront.

The Qatar World Cup final was so dazzling that it could be called a ‘match between Messi and Mbafe’. When Argentina took a 2-0 lead with goals from Messi and Angel Di Maria, Mbappe scored twice to level the score at 2-2. In extra time, Messi and Mbappe scored one goal each and entered the shootout 3-3. Argentina won the penalty shootout.

Messi and Mbappe are eating a pot of rice at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). However, in the World Cup finals, they met as enemies who had to defeat each other. In the end, Messi’s Argentina became the final winner. Messi was more than happy to win the World Cup, but after returning to his team, PSG, it turned out that he was not very happy. 메이저사이트

Spanish media ‘Sport’ delivered an interview with Messi on the 3rd (Korean time). Messi said, “When he returned to PSG after the World Cup break, his teammates waited in two lines. As I passed by, my teammates patted me on the back and congratulated me on winning the World Cup. I was happy, of course, but it wasn’t very good. I was so ashamed.” I looked back.

He continued, “I also greeted Mbappe (meeting as an enemy in the final). But there was no talk of the finale. I also lost in the World Cup final, so I know the pain well.” Messi added, “There is nothing wrong with our relationship with Mbappe.”

Messi is not bringing up the story of the Qatar World Cup final to be considerate of Mbappe. Messi reached his first World Cup final at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. However, Argentina lost to Germany 0-1 and finished runners-up. Messi, who even announced his retirement from the national team due to shock at the time, seems to understand the pain of France, the runner-up in the World Cup in Qatar.

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