Gyeonggi-do added 23 gold… Overall championship 20 consecutive losses cruising

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A total of 888 points, far ahead of Seoul City (565 points)… Earn 10 short track gold medals

On the first day of the opening of the 104th National Winter Sports Festival, Gyeonggi-do continued its 20-game winning streak by going on a full-scale hunt for gold.

On the first day of the competition held on the 17th, Gyeonggi-do won a total of 23 gold medals, including 10 short track, 5 snowboard, 4 alpine ski, 2 cross country, and 1 each in biathlon and figure skating.

As a result, Gyeonggi-do scored a total of 888 points with 75 gold medals, 65 silver medals and 59 bronze medals, including pre-games, taking the lead by far ahead of Seoul (565 points) and Gangwon-do (494 points).

On this day, Gyeonggi-do, Kim Gil-ri (Seohyun High School, Seongnam), the winner of the 1,500m short track speed skating women’s high school, added two gold medals in the 1,000m (1:36:152) and 3,000m relay (4:27:846) to win three gold medals. Alpine Namdaebu Lee Jae-joon (Dankook University) won three gold medals on the 15th, including two gold medals in the slalom (1:17:62) and combined (54:81), following the victory in the super giant slalom (45:09).

In addition, Hyeon-woo Song (Korea National Sport University) of the short track men’s college team scored in 4:03.655 in the 3,000m relay, winning two gold medals following the first place in the 1,500m the previous day, and the winner of the high school women’s 3,000m Kim Do-yeon (Bucheon Siongo) and the 500m winner Seo Su-ah (Goyang Hwajeong High School) also contributed to the victory in the 3,000m relay and won two gold medals side by side.

Seo Hwi-min (Korea University), the winner of the 500m short track speed skating the previous day, also added a gold medal in the 3,000m relay and won her second gold medal, and Kim Hye-bin (Hwaseong City Hall) in the women’s general division 3,000m (5:31:452) and 3,000m. Won two gold medals in m relay (46 points).

In alpine skiing, Namgobu Heo Do-hyeon (Gyeonggi-do Ski Association) won two gold medals in slalom and combined with a time of 1:18:04 and 147.78 points, respectively.

On the other hand, selection for the elementary biathlon competition, short track South High School 1,000m Nam Hyeon-yul (Anyang Pyeongchon High School, 1:29:441), South High School 3,000m Lee Dong-hyeon (Uijeongbu Kwangdong High School, 4:50:845), Namdaebu 3,000m relay selection, Hong Gyeong-hwan (Goyang City Hall, 4 minutes 56 seconds 388) in the men’s general category and Kim Gyu-ri (Gyeonggi Ice Skating Federation, 84.25 points) in the single group B in the women’s general category also won the championship. 먹튀검증

Snowboard Freestyle Halfpipe Namchobu Lee Suo (Yangpyeong Elementary School, 96.00 points), South Central Division Kim Geon-hee (Siheung Maehwa Middle School, 97.00 points), South High School Division Lee Chae-woon (Gunpo Surigo, 94.33 points), Female Middle Division Yu Seung-eun (Yongin Seongseo Middle School, 92.66 points), Lee Na-yoon (Gyeonggi Provincial Ski Association, 94.00 points) also won the gold medal.

In addition, in curling, the Uijeongbu Curling Sports Club accompanied Namchobu (Hong Eun-chan, Lee Hyung-gyu, Kim Yul, Ko Doo-ha, Lee Tae-gyu) and Yeocho-bu (Choi Ga-eun, Kim Da-on, Jeong Si-hoo, Kim Ha-kyung, Kim Ye-sol) to the top, and cross-country male general classic Jiyoung Byeon (Gyeonggi Provincial Office, 26:11:8) in the 10km and Yebin Oh (Kwonseongo, Suwon, 18:35:4) in the female high school classic 5km also won gold medals.

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