‘Hana 1Q captain and the youngest’ Kim Ji-young “I came to give strength to Ji-eun”

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Baek Ji-eun was Kim Ji-young of Shinhan Bank in Incheon, who joined Yonsei University for the selection coach of Korea Women’s University (currently Dankook University coach).

On the 21st, the 3rd game of the 46th Korea-Japan University Basketball Tournament was held at the Yonsei University Sinchon Campus Gymnasium. There was a familiar face on the other side of the stadium. It was Kim Ji-young of Incheon Shinhan Bank. Ji-Young Kim visited Yonsei University to cheer on her Korean coach Ji-Eun Baek, who had a pot meal at Hana 1Q in Bucheon with Korean women’s college starters.

Kim Ji-young, whom she met after the game, said, “I went to her rehabilitation exercise on Friday and Saturday, so I couldn’t come. Until today (21st), she did not know that there was a game, but when she looked for it, she found that there was a game (Baek) Jieun came to give strength to her older sister,” she said with a bright smile. 

It was Kim Ji-young who cheered everywhere after coach Baek Ji-eun took office at Dankook University. Regarding her relationship with director Baek Ji-eun, Kim Ji-young said, “I met the captain and the youngest while working at Hana 1 Q together. His older sister, Ji-eun, explains everything in detail and gives her a lot of advice. She then often visits her older sister as a grateful memory,” she said.

It was her first Korean-Japanese college basketball tournament for Kim Ji-young, who went pro right after graduating from Inseong Girls’ High School. She said, “When I watch the Universiade national team or the Korean-Japanese university selection basketball tournament, I have regrets about what it would have been like if I had gone to college on my own. Because the pros only compete with each other, the game pool is narrow, but universities can have various exchanges. Still, I think I did well to come to the pros.” It was Kim Ji-young’s idea when she first saw the Korea-Japan University Basketball Tournament that day.

However, when asked about the game that day, Kim Ji-young showed a sharp appearance like a professional player.

Kim Ji-young said, “I enjoyed the first half because I went to Park Bing. However, towards the second half, it seems that Korea has been pushed back a lot in terms of physical strength and concentration. Certainly, Japanese basketball is a bit more systematic and the transitions are quicker. Even if it is a rivalry, Japan continues to rise, and I think we should learn this part.”토토사이트

It was Kim Ji-young who went through a lot, from metacarpophalangeal joint surgery in the offseason to transferring to Shinhan Bank.

Kim Ji-young, who added a little publicity, saying, “We are also going to Japan for a cup competition in July.” So, first of all, we are adjusting the tactical part,” he said.

He continued, “Director Gunadan is an American style, so he puts everything into exercise only when exercising and gives us freedom during rest. I think I just need to exercise well,” he said with a cheerful smile, expressing his anticipation for the new season.

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