Helped by Ohtani, Ohtani’s 4 wins, 6 innings, 5 runs → 3 hits and 2 runs to relieve anger

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 What only Ohtani can do, batter Ohtani helped pitcher Ohtani.

Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels won his 4th win of the season thanks to the support of his batting line amidst the scramble to give up his first home run of the season.

Ohtani started in the home game against the Oakland Athletics held at Angel Stadium on the 28th (hereinafter Korean time) and gave up 3 hits, 2 walks, and 3 walks, including 2 homers, for 5 runs in 6 innings. The Angels won 8-7, and Ohtani became the winning pitcher.

Ohtani vented his anger at the plate by wielding 3 hits, 1 RBI and 2 runs in 5 at-bats, including doubles and triples.

Ohtani, who won 4 wins as a pitcher, had an ERA worsened from 0.64 to 1.85, and added 8 strikeouts to 46 for the season. As a hitter, he posted a batting average of .273 (27-for-97), six home runs, 17 RBIs, 17 runs scored, and an OPS of .869.

Ohtani was perfect in 5 innings except for the 4th. He allowed 5 runs in the 4th inning alone, allowing a 3-run home run and a 2-run home run in succession. Ohtani, who threw 93 balls, had a fastball speed of 101.2 miles and an average of 97.5 miles, and his main weapon, the sweeper, threw 39, or 42%.

It is the first time that Ohtani gave up 5 or more runs in a game since July 23 last year against the Atlanta Braves (6⅓ innings, 2 homers, 6 runs lost). And from the Texas Rangers game on July 29, the next game against Atlanta, to the Kansas City Royals game on the 22nd, the pitching of 3 runs or less in 17 consecutive games also stopped. He also broke the record of 25 consecutive scoreless innings in home games.

Also, it was the first time Ohtani had hit a home run in 13 games since Riley Green’s solo shot in the middle right in the first inning against the Detroit Tigers on August 22 last year. In other words, the streak of 12 games and 79 consecutive innings of home runs has ended. It is the first time since the game against Atlanta on July 23 last year that two homers in one game.

It was a sudden collapse.

From the 1st to the 3rd inning, Ohtani put to sleep with 9 consecutive hits. He blocked three innings with a perfect score of 37 balls. The team line-up scored 5 runs at the end of the 3rd inning with Ohtani’s RBI double and Brandon Drury’s 3-run homer, and a comfortable lead of 5-0 followed.

However, sending lead batter Esteuri Luis to the sand dune in the top of the 4th inning became the cause. Ohtani threw an 82-mile sweeper close to himself on the second pitch from one ball, but Lewis, who was in a bunt stance, hit his right wrist while removing the bat.

As soon as Lewis got on base, he stole second base from Corner Capel at bat and shook Ohtani, and Ohtani’s second pitch became a wild throw that escaped behind Capel’s back, making third base safe. Ohtani eventually allowed a walk to Capel on a full count before being hit by a three-runner in the middle from Brent Rooker. The 3rd pitch, 91 mile cutter, thrown from ball count 1B1S, was thrown into the low outside strike zone and hit right-hander Rooker’s bat, hit the top of the right fence and went over slightly. It was a disappointing home run that could have been caught if right fielder Hunter Renfro had correctly judged the landing point and jumped. It was the first home run in 249 days.

Ohtani’s unstable pitch continued. Ohtani, who sent Jace Peterson to the sand dune again, was hit with a two-run home run in mid-month by Shay Langeliers after a wild throw. After being driven to a ball count of 3B1S with a jagged throw, the 84th pitch thrown on the 5th was slightly driven to the center and led to a home run that went over the fence in the middle. Ohtani’s expression was coldly recalled.토토사이트

Ohtani, who gave the next hitter Ryan Noda a double that crossed the right fence into one-bound, flew Aledmis Diaz to left field, struck out Tony Kemp on a swing, and struck out Don Lewis on a swing after Tyler Wade walked. I caught it and barely finished the inning. He threw 36 balls in the fourth inning alone.

However, Ohtani regained his form by blocking the top of the 5th inning with a triple strike again. Then, in the bottom of the 5th inning, the Angels added 2 runs on a walk from Renhipo, a basesman with one out, and Gio Ursela’s shortstop grounder, taking the lead back to 7-5, and Ohtani met the requirements for victory.

Ohtani passed the 6th inning with one run and no runs, and eventually filled 6 innings.

Ohtani hit a superior triple after two outs in the bottom of the sixth inning, leading by two runs, then stepped on home with Anthony Rendon’s double to score a wedge. As the Angels allowed 2 runs in the 8th inning, Ohtani’s last run was the stepping stone to a decisive victory.

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