‘Hit No. 1’ who went to the US finally returned…When to enrol in the 1st Army undecided “Training report decision”

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SSG foreign player Eredia, who was temporarily sent back to the US, has arrived. He is expected to return to the first team as early as next week.

Heredia arrived at 5pm on the 22nd through Incheon Airport. “The staff went to the airport,” said an SSG official.

Coach Kim Won-hyung said, “I told him to go straight home today. Tomorrow, he will come out and train simply. We plan to see them face to face and send them home early for the game.”

The timing of the first team registration is undecided. Kim said, “It’s hard to play right away after a 10-day break. I’m not going to play until Sunday because I need to do some simple exercises and adjust to the time difference, even if it’s only for a short time,” Kim said.

“I’ll see some movement in training, but I’ll register him as soon as possible. There’s a difference between being there and not being there. It’s not just Heredia, it’s any one of the starters, and missing a player has a big impact on the team.”

Heredia travelled to the United States on the 10th for his naturalisation interview. He initially planned to return during the All-Star break to join the team in the second half of the season, but his arrival was delayed. SSG officials said the delay was due to bureaucratic delays.토스카지노

In 76 games in the first half, Heredia batted .303 with 10 home runs, 56 RBIs, 43 runs scored and seven stolen bases. He batted first in runs scored and fourth in RBI.

SSG welcomed back Choi from the disabled list with a thigh injury at the end of the first half to the team’s first game of the second half on the 21st. Choi finished with three hits and two RBIs. Ha Jae-hoon, who was sidelined with a finger injury, also contributed to the offence with two hits, two doubles and two runs scored. Heredia’s return will complete the lineup.

Meanwhile, SSG will start Shin-soo Choo (right fielder), Ji-hoon Choi (centre fielder), Choi Jeong (designated hitter), Choi Joo-hwan (second baseman), Park Sung-hwan (shortstop), Ha Jae-hoon (left fielder), Kim Sung-hyun (third baseman), Kim Min-sik (catcher) and Kang Jin-sung (first baseman). This is the same line-up as the previous day.

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