‘Holland Silence’ Man City… Frustrated with the decision of the controversy of “I thought it was volleyball”

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Criticism came out that it was “like volleyball” in this scene that seemed to have been hit by hand, but just passed. Also, a player who suffered from the sarcasm of being a ‘spy’ for his absurd mistakes in the World Cup scored an avenging goal.

This is Reporter Moon Sang-hyeok.


<Leipzig 1:1 Manchester City|European Champions League>

Leipzig’s defense suddenly broke through.

As the ball flowed between three defenders, Mahrez shook the net.

However, while expected Holland was silent, Man City gave up an equalizer in the second half, but was frustrated by the ‘controversial decision’ just before the end of the game.

In a corner kick situation, a scene appeared as if the opposing defender hit the ball with his hand.

Manchester City players protested furiously, but the referee ended the match without reviewing the video.

[Jake Humphreys/Football Commentator: It looks like volleyball. Isn’t it?]

[Owen Hargreaves/Soccer commentator: It’s volleyball. Volleyball. Didn’t you wrap the ball with your hand? Handball foul.]

< Inter Milan 1:0 Porto | European Champions League >

In the 41st minute of the second half when the score was tight 0-0, Lukaku scored a ‘theater goal’, but the correct header hit the post but did not miss it and pushed it with his left foot into the net. split the 메이저사이트

At the World Cup in Qatar three months ago, Lukaku kicked the ball away as if he was helping his opponent and missed a decisive opportunity in vain, and was even evaluated as a ‘out-of-date player’.

However, today (23rd), he succeeded in restoring his honor with the winning goal.

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