“Hwang frustrated by PSG’s attitude towards Lee Kang-in” – French media also picked up on the Lee situation

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The issue of Lee Kang-in’s (22, PSG) omission from the Asian Games squad has become a hot topic in France.

The Asian Games soccer team, coached by Hwang Sun-hong (55), will play Kuwait on Sept. 19, Thailand on Sept. 21 and Bahrain on Sept. 24 in Group E of the Asian Games. The team has been training for the past four days.

However, there is no sign of their key ace, Lee Kang-in. After injuring his left quadriceps, Lee has been on the sidelines for a month and has yet to join the squad. PSG has agreed in principle to send Lee to the Asian Games, but hasn’t said when.

Coach Hwang Sun-hong told reporters at Paju NFC on Thursday, “It’s frustrating. Personally, I am communicating with Lee Kang-in. He wants to join as soon as possible. It seems that it is difficult to coordinate the timing. The association is communicating with PSG. I hope he joins us soon.”

Even if he were to arrive now, there would be absolutely no time for him to gel with his teammates before the three group games. If Lee Kang-in were to join the team from the start of the tournament, there is no guarantee that he would be able to perform well. Lee’s situation is also frustrating because the Asian Games is a military event.바카라

The French news agency AFP detailed Lee’s situation in an article titled “South Korean coach frustrated by PSG’s stance on Lee” on Thursday. “The South Korean coach expressed his frustration over the absence of his star striker just days before the start of the Asian Games. Lee has been out for four weeks with a thigh injury.”

AFP quoted Hwang Sun-hong as saying, “PSG was supposed to tell us on the 13th when Lee Kang-in would join us, but we haven’t heard anything yet, which is disappointing. It is frustrating that we have not been able to discuss the timing of his departure with PSG.”

At this rate, Lee is expected to join the team in China after the Asian Games have already begun.

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