“I feel more relaxed. Sanchez is one of the beneficiaries.” Taegunmama effect on KIA ‘not just one or two’

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Catcher’s move. It’s not a small change.

Let’s take a look at the pitchers. The KIA Tigers have a new closer, Kim Tae-gun (34). Coincidentally, after his arrival, KIA went on a five-game winning streak. They pulled within one game of the struggling fifth-place NC Dinos.

A coincidence, no. Kim Tae-gun and the KIA winning streak. There is definitely a cause-and-effect relationship.

Kia coach Kim Jong-kook admitted it.

“I have nothing but praise for him,” he said when asked about Kim before the rain-canceled game against the Gwangju Samsungs on Nov. 11. “First of all, because he has a lot of experience, the pitchers seem to trust him and feel comfortable throwing with a lead,” he said. “The young catchers are very good, but they are relatively inexperienced, so the pitchers have been a bit distrustful of their experience,” he said, adding, “I feel more comfortable with the experienced Tae-gun. In particular, I think the young pitchers will have fewer strikeouts and be more stable.”

Against SSG on the 5th, the day of the trade. Kim Tae-gun, who came off the bench at the end of the game, wore a mask as the starting catcher the next day against SSG in Munhak. He led ace Yang Hyun-jong to a 7-6 victory to continue the winning streak.토스카지노

Kim Tae-goon, who started all three games against Suwon KT, led the bullpen and Kim Jae-yeol, who was rushed to the mound after Kim Gun-gook was ejected for a head shot in the first inning, to a 6-2 win on the 7th. The next day, on the 8th, left-hander Young-gun Lee threw a five-inning, eight-hit shutout to lead Youngbong to a 7-0 victory. On the ninth, a 6⅓-inning, 10-K, one-run performance from newcomer Mario Sanchez and a no-hitter out of the bullpen led to a 5-1 win and a three-game sweep of KT. Sanchez’s unique pre-ball motion and double-kick appeal to the opposing dugout kept him calm amidst the chaos and helped him earn his first win.

Manager Kim Jong-kook commented on Sanchez’s debut, saying, “I have a pitch I’m confident in, but I don’t know domestic hitters. I think Tae-gun did a good job leading off.”

The effect of signing Kim Tae-gun. It’s not just about winning now. It also lays the foundation for the growth of future catchers.

KIA has a number of promising catchers, including Han Jun-soo and Shin Beom-soo, who will be responsible for the future of KIA’s defense. Present and future. The start of the Kim Tae-gun era is an opportunity.

“First of all, (rostered catcher) Han Jun-soo talks a lot with Kim Tae-gun, so I think he needs to learn more about how to play the game empirically when he’s in the first team. When other catchers come up to the first team, they will learn from Kim’s experience and know-how. It’s different to learn from the outside and from talking and bumping into each other. There are some things you might not know when you’re outside. I want the younger catchers to learn more.”

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