“I got pissed off and angry while watching my video”

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Moon Dong-ju (20‧ Hanwha), who received a big spotlight after receiving Hanwha’s first nomination in 2022, spent a season with frustration and expectations overlap. If the former was that he could not play in many games due to injury issues, the latter was the powerful position and potential he showed at the end of the season.

Moon Dong-ju performed well, pitching five or more innings in all of his last three starts of the season. He didn’t have a game that collapsed, and it was rather regrettable that the season ended here. In particular, the match against LG on September 27th (5 innings, 1 run) and his professional debut against SSG on October 3rd (5 innings, 8 strikeouts, 3 earned runs) were enough to thrill the fans.

However, Moon Dong-ju picked another game as the ‘most memorable match’ instead of these three matches. It was against Doosan in Jamsil on June 9, his debut match. Moon Dong-ju stood on the mound with a lot of buzz, but he threw 49 balls in 2 innings and allowed 4 runs, failing to complete his mission. And after that, it went down to the 2nd group again. It’s not even a good memory, so why did I choose this game? There was a reason Moon Dong-ju valued it.

Moon Dong-joo said, “The first game against Doosan is the most memorable. Since it was my first start, there were a few things I lacked, and I think I was able to plan for the future because of that game. It is true that I got a little heated while looking back at the match.

What were you angry about? In the video, Moon Dong-ju could not fight the batter at all and was just collapsing himself. In fact, on this day, Moon Dong-ju faced 11 batters in two innings and only got one hit. He also struck out four. However, he collapsed himself by giving up 4 4 dunes. Moon Dong-joo said honestly, “If he had collapsed because he kept getting hits, it would have been fine, but he collapsed on his own and had nothing to say. That pissed me off even more.” 온라인바카라

However, I thought a lot about that game, and it is still a hot video, but now I am in a situation where I can move on a little more leisurely. Moon Dong-ju still remembers the match and is reminiscing about his initial intention. He played a last-minute performance last year, but he doesn’t put much meaning beyond that. This year is starting again. Fortunately, I feel good. Unlike last year, the camp started normally, and I am in good shape. He also has the excitement of his first overseas camp. So far everything is working out.

Moon Dong-joo said, “It is my first time to camp in the United States, but it is also the first time I am doing a spring camp like this. I worked harder with the thought of making my body stronger rather than changing my pitching.” It is Moon Dong-ju, whose body is also hardening, and his mind is also hardening without realizing it.

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