‘I thought it was an out,’ says Toronto All-Star after grounder to center field…’I thought it was a home run’

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He thought he had it, but it slipped through his fingers. The Toronto Blue Jays starter couldn’t keep his head up.

Toronto lost 7-9 on the road to the 2023 Minnesota Twins at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on April 28. The Jays were hit by four home runs.

Starter Chris Bassitt was charged with seven runs on nine hits (two homers) with five strikeouts and two walks in four innings. Bassitt suffered his fourth loss of the season (5-2). He gave up one more home run in the fifth inning.

But there was a moment of frustration for Bassett. After giving up three runs in the first inning, they scored one more in the second, and the third and fourth innings were scoreless. They seemed to settle down. And the bats responded with four runs in the fourth inning.

In the fifth inning, the score was tied at 4-4. Bassett gave up a single to right-center to Alex Kirillov. He then gave up a two-run home run to Willie Castro.

Castro’s shot was hit up the middle. Bassett stood back and watched the ball fly. He expected it to be a fly ball. But then something happened that made him laugh.

Center fielder Dolton Bashaw tracked the ball well and jumped and reached out to make the catch. The ball bounced off his glove and over the fence. The fly ball to center field became a two-run home run in the middle of the month. In that moment, Bassett hesitated.

Another similar situation followed. Bassett’s next opponent, Matt Wolner, also hit a solo home run. Again, Basho chased it down, put his glove on it, and it went over the fence for a home run. Of course, the second home run was a tough one to throw out.안전놀이터

“Back-to-back homers by Castro and Walner in the fifth inning were thought to be outs,” MLB.com wrote in its report on Minnesota’s 9-7 win over Toronto.

It was bad luck for Bashaw. Initially, Toronto’s center fielder was Kevin Kierma, a three-time American League Gold Glove.

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