‘I turned off the lights in a hurry’ Carrot, salary paid ahead of schedule

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Carrot, who was worried about the lack of salary payments, turned off the fire in a hurry. He paid the players’ salaries ahead of their promise.

According to the jump ball coverage, Goyang Carrot paid overdue salaries to the players on the 10th. The situation was resolved three days earlier than the originally promised payment date, the 13th.

Carrot’s payday was on the 5th of each month. However, on January 5, the salary was not paid. A Carrot official is said to have gathered the players and support staff on the 4th and asked for understanding that their salaries would be paid in a week. The coaching staff and the secretariat were also scheduled to receive salaries on the 13th. 안전놀이터

Carrot paid the players salaries ahead of the promised date. KBL, which had been cautious, said, “We are reviewing measures that can be taken at the federation level if wages are not paid.”

The situation related to the monthly salary has been settled, but Carrot’s actions need to be closely watched in the future. Carrot paid only 500 million won out of the 1.5 billion won KBL subscription fee, and the remaining 1 billion won was not paid in full. It is also known that Orion still has not paid the purchase price for the basketball team. For Carrot, the first priority is to lay the groundwork for both players and fans to shake off their anxiety and focus on the game.

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