“I want to raise my skills and salary” ‘Jeong Ho-young’s No.1 Project’ directed by Ko Hee-jin

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Women’s professional volleyball KGC Ginseng Corporation was defeated by a set score of 2-3 after a bloody battle against GS Caltex on the 9th. If we had won, we could have surpassed GS Caltex and jumped to 4th place, so the loss was great.

But there was also a harvest. Middle blocker Jeong Ho-young showed a good performance with 18 points including 7 blocks. He was responsible for the second most points on the team after main gun Elisabeth (39 points) and lived up to the expectations of the bench in offense and defense.

KGC has a high reliance on Elisabeth in the offense this season. In a situation where Lee So-young is not in 100% condition due to the aftermath of a shoulder injury, it will be easier for her to advance to spring volleyball only when domestic key players add strength. Jung Ho-young’s recent growth is bound to be welcome.

In the 2019-2020 V-League Rookie Draft, Jeong Ho-young wore a KGC uniform with the first overall pick in the first round, and then played 20 games from the first year of his debut and quickly established himself as a starting player.

Except for the 2020-2021 season, which took a break in the aftermath of a knee injury, it is one of the main resources that cannot be left out of KGC last season as well as this season. After settling in the position as a middle blocker, KGC, which is growing step by step, is thirsty for spring volleyball, and Ho-young Jeong must exert a little more strength to continue fighting for the rankings stably.

Ko Hee-jin, coach of KGC, said, “Jung Ho-young still needs to be improved in various areas. Although he has improved a lot this season, he is a player who can do better.” He is very strict with Ho-Young Jeong, even during the game, to the extent that he immediately reprimands Ho-Young Jung when he is unhappy with his play.

However, Jung Ho-young’s potential and his player’s will are highly evaluated. Since the late coach built a successful career as a middle blocker during his active career, he is in a position to help Jung Ho-young grow one step further.  안전놀이터

Coach Go emphasized, “I want people to hear that when this season is over, Jeong Ho-young will compete for No. 1 and No 2 among V-League centers.”

He also said, “The player himself is passionate. He is preparing a lot for the game,” and said, “But we should not be satisfied now. We have plans to increase the proportion of Jeong Ho-young’s attack in the future.”  

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