“I was moved by the name of my name… I got goosebumps” The cheers of the fans who cried in Busan… Thanks to the 8 billion catchers

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 “(Yu) Gangnam hyung suffered a lot. And… I got goosebumps and tears when the fans chanted my name. It’s my first experience.”

Manning struggled, but the result was the best pitching of the season. It was such a pleasant victory that the command tower who rushed into the interview scene was happy to pull the ball.

Han Hyun-hee of the Lotte Giants started the second game of the weekend series against KT Wiz held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 13th, pitched 6 scoreless innings, and won her 3rd win of the season.

There were no triplets in 6 innings. He had a crisis every inning. He struck out (6) with a powerful fastball of up to 149 km at each critical moment and a slider accompanying it. Dong-hee Han, Chi-hong Ahn, Kang-nam Yoo, and other colleagues continued to pay tribute.

luck followed. KT Alford’s straight hit to second base in the first inning with one company and first base turned into a double-out. In the second episode, KT Kim Jun-tae’s double play came out. In the 3rd inning, Jo Yong-ho’s ground ball, which seemed to split between 1st and 2nd base from 2nd out and 3rd base, was caught by Ahn Chi-hong with a diving catch.

In the 4th episode, they showed off exquisite team play in the 1st and 2nd base. With a surprise first base check, he grabbed first base runner Alford and turned the atmosphere around. As a result, no points were lost.

In the 5th inning, with 2 walks, he faced a crisis with 1 company and 1st and 2nd base, but cut off the follow-up hit. In the sixth inning, he roared after striking out consecutively with one out and first base.

Han Hyun-hee finished 6 innings with a whopping 110 pitches. He finished his first appearance in 13 days wonderfully after the match against Kiwoom Heroes on April 30, when he started after taking 3 days off.

Han Hyun-hee, whom I met after the game, repeated the words “I feel so good” and “Thank you to the hyungs for their hard work” several times. In particular, he thanked Ahn Chi-hong for blocking the decisive ball.

It’s the 3rd win of the season. However, neither of the last two victories had a hero interview. He laughed, saying, “I couldn’t do it because I threw so badly (5 runs in 5 innings, no runs in 2⅓ innings).”

After the 6th episode, a hot chanting poured out towards Han Hyun-hee, who was going down. In Suwon, where 18,700 seats were sold out, the enthusiasm of Lotte fans who were hungry for baseball was beyond imagination.

“I was a little goosebumps and emotional. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard an era like this…Actually, my father-in-law and mother-in-law were going to come to play baseball today, but they didn’t have tickets. I was able to show you the wonderful side of my son-in-law.”

He was embarrassed, saying, “The defenders worked really hard not to give ‘one more base.’ He also added, “I thought it wouldn’t hit, so I threw it wrong.”

Yoo Kang-nam did not hit that day, but contributed to the team’s victory by posting two RBIs. Han Hyun-hee applauded, saying, “The real Gangnam hyung did everything today.”

95 pitches at the end of the 5th inning. It was a changing flow. However, Han Hyun-hee laughed, saying, “I told coach (Bae Young-soo) that I want to throw more and trust me.카지노사이트

It was sluggish with an average ERA of 7.17 in 5 games, not matching the total amount of the free agent contract of 4 billion won. Han Hyun-hee emphasized, “Coach Kim Hyun-wook must have suffered a lot. Today, he smiled and said, ‘It was good, it was good.’

Above all, the team is doing well. Lotte kept the second place with the victory that day.

“I think Lotte is a ‘team to be built’. The team is good, so I don’t care too much about my sluggishness. I’m on the mound, but the defense behind me was really strong. The team atmosphere is really good.”

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