‘Is Apple United appearing?’… Manchester United attempt to sell for $12 trillion

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 The possibility of Manchester United becoming Apple United has been raised.

Manchester United’s Glazer family announced in November last year that they would sell Manchester United. Since then, the price of the Manchester United club has risen vertically. In September of last year, when the sale rumor was first raised, the price was predicted to be 3.75 billion pounds (5.6763 trillion won), and at the end of November immediately after the sale was announced, it rose to 5.8 billion pounds (8.7794 trillion won).

And in January of this year, the ransom of Manchester United became 8 billion pounds (12.1095 trillion won), more than doubling compared to last September. The Glazer family is known to be willing to sell when they boast of a high ransom. 안전놀이터

Danish investment bank Saxo Bank said: “Man Utd went on the market in November last year. The Glazers could ask for more than £8 billion, as the share price of Manchester United has recently risen. has reached its highest level in four years. Manchester United’s market capitalization has also more than doubled compared to June last year. The rise in stock price occurred after the Glazer family announced the sale of the club in November last year.”

There is a possibility that the ransom price will increase further in the future. ‘Saxo Bank’ said, “It can go up to 8.2 billion pounds (12.4122 trillion won) in the future. The Glazer family is determined to sell at the highest price.”

The candidates for the sale of Manchester United are gorgeous. It is also popular. Apple, the largest company in the United States, which previously caused the biggest issue, was also included this time. Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) Chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi has recently expressed interest in selling Manchester United.

Saxo Bank analyzed, “Apple, Amazon, Qatari investment company, etc. candidates are lined up. There is a possibility of selling Man Utd before the end of this season.”

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