Is Seoul a candidate for the quarterfinals? “No fluttering”… the players made up their minds

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“It was like that during the team meeting, and the players are paying attention to their excitement. We are going to advance one game at a time.”

As FC Seoul defender Kim Jin-ya (25) said, the players made up their minds. It is a determination to cut off the team’s sluggishness that has been going on for a long time. There is a lot of confidence in ‘I can do it’. And that’s not all. The players shouted ‘no fluttering’. The idea was to eliminate any potential risk factors. It proves that Seoul has properly prepared for the season from the mindset.

Seoul, which stayed in the lower split last year in 9th place, looks like the atmosphere has changed a lot this year. At the K League 1 Media Day held on the 20th, many coaches pointed to Seoul as one of the candidates for the quarterfinals. By bringing in a number of good players, the team’s squad has become incredibly strong. However, what has become more solid is the strong mentality of the players. From the 1st winter field training in Thailand to the 2nd field training in Kagoshima, Japan, the eyes of the players were hot. The competition for the starting position also intensified.

Kim Jin-ya, who is in charge of the team’s vice-captain, said at Media Day of the field training on the 21st, “Unlike Seoul for the past 3-4 years, I was only in the bottom ranks. I think I have to show it through my actions,” he promised.

“From the training ground, I got a lot of impressions that the players are really fierce in the competition part. It was more so in this year’s winter training camp. I think it will bring something positive. A good competition will be held, and good players will compete. Players who did not compete will participate. In order to do this, we will try to beat our competitors. When the win-win effect comes out, the team will grow a lot.”

Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo, who always emphasizes the restoration of the pride of a prestigious club, also stayed away from impatience. Regarding the 4th round, he also emphasized, “This is the goal we must go out to. We have to live up to expectations. But we also have to put in more effort.”

Seoul’s most notable power reinforcement is the joining of national striker ‘Hwang Eui-jo’. Recently, Seoul recruited Hwang Ui-jo through a short-term lease contract. Ilryuchenko, a long-serving foreign player in the K League, will work in attack. It has become one of the biggest weapons in Seoul. However, colleagues did not rely only on these two. He trains with the idea that anyone can become a protagonist. It seems that Hwang Ui-jo should also be very nervous.

Na Sang-ho said, “If another player participates when Hwang Eui-jo is not there, that player has his own advantage. Hwang Eui-jo has his own advantage.” He continued, “There is talk that Seoul will be in the semifinals this season, but the squad is not inferior to Jeonbuk Hyundai and Ulsan Hyundai. There are many young players with good skills. I am confident that I can create a threatening scene.” 먹튀검증

Kim Jin-ya also said, “There are a lot of good players among the strikers. Hwang Ui-jo, Park Dong-jin, and Ilyuchenko are all good. I think it’s good because they all have different styles. Each player has a different style, so they have their own strengths. “he explained.

Hwang Eui-jo himself praised his teammates, saying, “Not only me and Ilyuchenko, but also other strikers can score,” and said, “There are many good players such as Ki Sung-yong and Na Sang-ho, so I am training and receiving help. I think it would be good to look forward to this season.” revealed an open heart.

Getting started is important. Seoul will face Incheon United in this year’s opening game on the 25th. Incheon, which finished fourth last year, also recruited many players and was mentioned as a candidate for the semifinals. formidable opponent. Kim Jin-ya, who has to deal with her parents’ team, said, “Incheon did a good job reinforcing. But I think Seoul also did a lot (recruitment),” and said that she would do her best for victory.

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