‘It’s a waste of foot talent to be only a goalkeeper!’

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The top play begins with the foot talent of the goalkeeper who fooled the opponent’s striker.

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‘s a Portuguese league under-23 tournament.

Uh, the goalkeeper’s handling of the ball is uneasy.

However, after passing the opponent once with an exquisite trick, this time it fits!

Wow, it pulls it out between the legs and makes the opponent feel empty.

And to pass with ease~

Isn’t footing too good to be guarding the goal?


This time, it’s Manchester United in the Premier League.

Eriksen passes the ball that Rashford stabbed again

and shoots! 바카라

Opening goal by Fernandez, who showed off his organizational skills.

Crystal Palace got a free kick opportunity in extra time in the second half.

Olise shot~ went in!

Fantastic equalizer from the corner of the goal!

Manchester United’s winning streak was also put to a halt.

It’s been a top play so far.

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