“James, it’s tampering!” Kuzma Tempts Irving James Twitter ‘Snip’

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When news of Kyrie Irving’s (Brooklyn Nets) trade request came out, LeBron James (LA Lakers) reacted immediately.

On the 4th (Korean time), James posted an eye and crown emoticon on his Twitter.

Coincidentally, it was right after the news of Irving’s trade demand spread.

The eye emoji is a sign that you’re paying attention, and the crown means winning.

It can be interpreted as meaning that the Lakers will win the championship with him.

In response, Kyle Kuzma, who had a meal with James at the Lakers, exclaimed in a comment, “It’s tampering!” Tampering is the act of a player making unauthorized contact with another team prior to the end of their contract. 바카라사이트

For example, directly asking a player for a recruitment intention, or a club official saying in an interview that a player whose contract is about to end is “someone is a really coveted player.”

Kuzma considered James’ emoji to be tampering and broke NBA rules. James had signaled Irving to come to the Lakers.

Irving demanded a trade from Brooklyn that day. When contract renewal negotiations with Brooklyn broke down, he held out a trade card.

Currently, the Lakers, Miami Heat, and LA Clippers are known to be aiming for Irving.

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